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Stressing out over what to get for your employees? Here are the tips

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Giving gifts to your staff simply indicates that you think about them and they are important to you. This is an excellent strategy to motivate them for better performance in the organization actually. However, it’s not always that simple to find the ideal gift for your employees especially with the vast selection of corporate gifts. Therefore, before you start hunting for an appropriate gift for your employees, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the essentials of buying a corporate gift.

Think as the receiver

Think from the perspective of the receiver. Before you buy a gift for your employee, evaluate the possibilities of how you would receive the gift. Put yourself in their shoes. A common mistake that can often occur while buying a corporate gift is when you don’t receive the gift personally. Critically thinking, ask yourself whether you would love the gift if you were the one receiving the gift from someone else. This will make your selection easy, and you will be sure to get the right gift for them.

Buy a daily use gift

The main idea is to ensure your employees have you in mind every time they are in the office or at home. Therefore, finding a gift that they will use on a daily basis is very important. Every time they use your gift, they will automatically remember you, and it will give them the motivation to work hard to bring your business to success. You must ensure you pick the right gifts and if possible, attend to individual needs. Most preferably, you can buy desk gadgets, bags, mobile holders, mugs or writing materials.

Gift less gift

The quality of gift you give is more important than the quantity of gift. Avoid buying cheap things as gifts for your employees. Remember the significance of the gift.  Additionally, you must not think of giving everyone in your team a gift but rather pick a list of a few. This way, you will motivate every other employee to work hard to get the gift next time you are rewarding his or her efforts. Also, when you give a few employees a gift, you will make a lasting impression on the team. However, when you gift a few employees with simple gifts, the memory will be long lasting, and it will motivate the entire production of your company.

Deliver personally

When you ensure that you present the gift to the employees personally, it will give them a better understanding of how you are. Personal delivery also helps you understand the reception of your gifts from employee to employee. Additionally, when you deliver personally, it will create a relationship that is worth keeping beyond the boss employee relation that is in existence. On the other hand, if your gift is too large, you can ensure that you take the gifting card to the recipient personally.

Remember cultural difference

Before you invest in luxury corporate gifts, it’s important to understand cultural difference between employees. Find details of how you can wrap the gift and still be on point with their culture. For example, wrapping a gift in a white wrapper in China is offensive since white symbolizes death. Therefore, you must ensure to at least have the basics of different cultures and personality.

Make a budget

You will never go wrong when you have an estimated budget for your gift. This way, it will be easy for you to pick gifts depending on the number of employees you are planning to present the gifts. Additionally, a budget helps you to work with a comfortable figure and make the right gift choice.  Also, when you have a budget in place, it will be easy for you to know whether you have enough money for the gift you are planning to buy. The budget gives you an idea of where to go shopping and the type of gifts to look for.


Finding the right time to present your gift is often very important. If you have occasional parts in your job, which would be the best time to introduce the award to the employee. However, if there are no such moments, you can try to find your employees birthday dates or anniversary. Additionally, you can choose the celebrate the time you have been working together, by reminding them that you treasure all the years you have been together in the business. However, if you fail on all those times, you can as well present your gift without any occasion or memory whatsoever.

Once you have identified your gift and you have all your presentation plans in place, its time to bring your gift. First, you must ensure that the employees whom you are planning to give your gifts are present and seated behind their desks as usual. Your gift must not interfere with the normal working hours or the performance of the employees.  If there is no big occasion where you would present your gift, make you it remains between you and the employee to keep others business on their work without thinking why you don’t have a gift for them too.


Whichever reason you are buying the gift for, finding the best one will keep your name at the top notch of your employee’s mind. Gifts are essential, and it does not matter the size difference. The fact that you will take your time to find the gift and deliver it personally to the employees is advantageous. It makes them feel special and appreciated.

If you are thinking of promoting your brand by motivating your employees, it can be important to ensure that you personalize your gifts by branding it with your company’s logo. This will give them the sense of belonging and they will ensure to go an extra mile to defend your brands. Additionally, you can seek help from experts. People with ideas for corporate gifts can play a significant role in helping you pick the right gift for your team based on the reasons behind your gifting.

Written by: Maxwell Donovan, contributing writer for CEOWORLD magazine. Covering business, marketing, film, fashion, and more.

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