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How to Choose Winner Keywords for Your Resume?

Many job seekers do not know that keywords are used in resumes and it could potentially have them miss out on great opportunities. We all know that keywords are used by bloggers to direct search engines to their websites.

Keywords in your resume will have the same effect. You want to use keywords that the recruiter will be scanning for. When those keywords aren’t discovered, your resume may not receive a thorough read.

Also, keep in mind that recruiters are using technology to help them out these days. Many are using tool to scan for the appropriate keywords linked to the open position. It does become a bit technical here, but one needs to keep up with our ever-evolving times. Always make sure you have an updated resume format and the best keywords you can find, if you want to be successful in your job applications.

Here are some ways you can use to choose the right keywords for your resume.

Start with the job ad

When you look at the job ad, you can usually find most of your keywords right there. Especially check out the job description and the required skills. From there, you are able to find almost all the keywords you need to include in your resume. If the recruiter breaks up certain tasks, you need to adjust your resume accordingly. Let’s say, instead of administrative tasks, the recruiter writes, typing and filing. You need to make sure that the keywords used, reflects on your resume. This is especially important if you are applying online, because it is much easier to scan your work through a keyword finder.


Research the company you are applying at and see what they are about. Take an in-depth look at the industry and find some keywords this way. You would not only impress the recruiter, but also the employer. Speak about some terms use in the industry or just throw in some industry based keywords. This does not only show that you have taken the time to research the company, but also shows that you took the time to adjust your resume specifically for this position. Always keep up with current resume trends. You can find a good resume writing service online if this all seems a bit overwhelming.

LinkedIn Profiles

There is so much information online that can help you find your keywords. You just have to look in the right places. LinkedIn is a great source, because it is built around professional working in a variety of industries. Find some individuals or companies listed on this platform and look for the commonly used words when talking about the industry. You should be able to notice very quickly that there are terms used often and if you want your resume to be successful, you should throw a few of these in as well. It does sound like a very technical process, compared to a few years ago, but if we do not keep up with current trends, we could be missing out on great opportunities.

Company website

If you want to go for more specific keywords, you can always check out the company website. This should be part of your research in any case, but when searching for keywords, this will always be beneficial. Just keep your eyes open for those words that come up more than a few times. You do not have to use all the keywords you find, because that can also be detrimental, but choose the ones you believe will make the biggest impact. No one likes a blog post stuffed with keywords and the same will go for your resume. It is all about finding that perfect balance of including keywords, but not making it obvious to the eye. You are not hiding anything and most recruiters know that applicants use keywords in their resumes. You simply want to show how careful and precise you are when taking on a task.

Other online resumes

Besides LinkedIn, there are many other websites, like that you can go to and look at other resumes. Serious job seekers are usually aware of current trends and have mastered the art of using keywords. Look at a few industries related resumes and check out how they include their keywords. This will not only give you some relevant keywords, but also help you with resume format and structure. Use this information to build a better resume and get that job. The competition is fierce out there, but that does not mean that you will not get the job. Start with believing in your skills and then put in the work to get you there.


As you can see, there are many ways to get keywords for your resume. You just have to be smart about the process and also select your keywords carefully. There is no right or wrong keywords, because you do not always know what the recruiter is going to search for. All you have to do is choose the ones that comes up a lot and the ones you feel you would search for as a recruiter. It really is not rocket science and it should not feel that way either. This is just a great way of having your resume read amongst the masses. Do not allow this to overwhelm you, but see it as a simply improvement of what you already have.

Jobs are scares and we have to do all we can if we want to be employed. Keep on looking for the job you really want if you want to be happy in that position. Do not just wildly apply for random jobs, but apply for those that can help you get closer to your end goal. I wish you nothing but luck in your search for the perfect job and I really hope these tips will help you to include the correct keywords in your resume. Happy job hunting future employee.


Written by: Julie Higgs is an enthusiastic writer and her passion is guest posting. Besides, she works as a content manager and she likes her job. Julie believes that her articles help people to start a career and achieve success. Julie follows updated resume format and resume trends 2017.  Her life motto is “Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time”

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Agenda - How to Choose Winner Keywords for Your Resume?
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