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How to Build Better Relations with Your Staff?

The employers only cannot make a difference in order to run a successful business organization. It is actually a team effort, employers and senior junior staff from bottom to the top really creates a difference.

So, employees are the ones who deal with the customers, who make the product and manage all other responsibilities which they have assigned for.

Therefore, it is very necessary to boost the morale of the employees by making good relationship with them.

A wise employer always has in his/her mind that if their employees are happy and comfortable then their business can make better productivity, but if their employees are worried for certain reasons then it would be impossible for employees to do a great job.

The idea has come from the Chris Gorder, CEO of Scripps Health, retired cop, and he is also an author of the book named “Building a High-Performance business enterprise from the Ground Up”. “The key point is to make good relation and trust with the employees, he said that. “ It is not a hard and fast rule but most of the employers don’t bother to do it. He added. It is stupidity that not building a friendly environment which ultimately makes the employer’s easy, he further added that.

There are following ways through Employers can make better relations with Staff.

Develop Trust:

Building a trust is the key making good relation with the employees. It is the very common opinion when you make a team of colleagues and staff, and give them confidence and trust. You will have a strong bond which will help you out in work while communicating professionally. If you start trusting the people who are working under you, they will be honest and state forward with you in their thoughts as well as in their actions. Ultimately you will not have a headache to waste time and energy scrutinizes your staff activities.

Give Respect:

Being an employer or manager it is your moral duty to give respect to the employees who are working under you, you need to give importance their ideas and inputs and automatically they will give you respect and importance too. Sharing mutual respect the workers who are working with you, you can create plenty of ideas and solutions to the problems which you are facing collectively. When you importance all the human brains working under your command, collective wisdom and ideas can really make difference.

Mind fullness:

It means the people who are superior in an organization; they need to take full responsibility for their words and actions.  Those who are aware of everything are careful and they know what they speak. They completely remain in their senses and don’t impose their negativities on their employees or on their staff. Simply, a senior employer needs to be responsible when they are talking to their inferiors. Sometimes they put a wasteful pressure on their staff which really affects their employee’s mentally.

Open Communication:

Employees and employers communicate all day long within the working hours on messengers, emails and meeting face to face. The best way to communicate personally to those employees who are near around you, it will help you out to make the relationship better with your employees. All the relationships whether it’s between employees and employers heavily depend upon open and honest communication. Open communication encourages employees to convey good and effective ideas for the productivity of the organization.

Differentiate between Lazy & Disciplined Employees:

Employers need to differentiate between the work performance of disciplined employees and lazy employees. The employers should encourage those employees who are serious in their assigned work and those who lazy should be accountable and Bosses should know how to deal with the lazy employees. It will be the very effective thing to make sharp all lazy employees. 

Be friendly but don’t be Friend:

Always behave friendly with your employees listen to their problems carefully. Friendly means talking with soft language rather than using harsh words. But on the other don’t be anyone friends; because it will go in a negative way, they may start relaxing within the working hours. So, behave friendly but don’t be the friend of anybody within the business organization, treat your employees equally.

Don’t behave Like Superior:

When you show yourself as a superior on your staff, they always remain threatened and keep hiding their blunders and mistakes they do in their assigned work. Show some professional curtsy to your employees, you are superior they know that. Put less pressure on them and get the real performance by encouraging them in a friendly manner. When you behave like a gentleman, they will respect you even at your back, but if you don’t. They can make an alliance and can create a real problem for you, just because of your bad behavior and because of your superior nature.   

Support Your Employees:

Always support your employees as much as you can. When they feel relief from all domestic issues they will provide their best in their work performance. Therefore, employees need to be tension-free, if they don’t then they can provide you an output which you are looking for from them. Give them your personal time and ask them if they have an issue financially or medically. Give them a bit relief and rest. You will see a major difference in their attitudes. 

Reward Them for their Achievements:

The best tactic to boost the morale of your workers is to appreciate them according to their work performance. Give them extra bonuses; highlight their efficiency by awarding them, the employee of the month or year. You will see your employees will have a good relation with you and your workers will have competition each other to be the employee of the month or year. Ultimately your business will grow.


The employer who has adopted all upper mention strategies, they will have a better relation with their employees, the productivity of their business will rise no time ever before. So, build the better relation with your employees and get our ultimate goals.

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