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Meet The Top 50 Most Generous Philanthropists Of 2017

Fortunately, with a combined giving power of $321 billion, these 50 philanthropists are using their money and fame to change the world, according to the T&C philanthropists of 2017, report. They are super rich and super generous….

Pioneering American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie once set the standard for giving back: “No man can become rich without himself enriching others,” he said. “The man who dies rich dies disgraced.”

Scores of the world’s richest people have taken to Carnegie philosophy, donating their riches to hundreds of causes.

Super rich and super generous: these are the top 50 most generous philanthropists Of 2017:

  1. Michael Bloomberg
    Grand Plan: Fight climate change
  2. John Legend
    Grand Plan: Reform the criminal justice system and end mass incarceration
  3. Cate Blanchett
    Grand Plan: Use her celebrity profile to draw attention to the refugee crisis and speak up for the powerless.
  4. Paul & Maurice Marciano
    Grand Plan: Make one of the world’s great contemporary art collections accessible to the public.
  5. Connie Nielsen
    Grand Plan: Help Africa’s poorest citizens become self-sufficient.
  6. Sanford & Joan Weill
    Grand Plan: End Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and related disorders.
  7. Courtenay Cabot Venton
    Grand Plan: Convince world powers that investment in avoiding humanitarian crises is not only humane, it’s good business.
  8. Howard & Cindy Rachofsky
    Grand Plan: Combat AIDS with art.
  9. Anna Deavere Smith
    Grand Plan: Use theater to show how lack of opportunity can lead people into the criminal justice system.
  10. Priscilla Chan & Mark Zuckerberg
    Grand Plan: Cure all disease; improve education.
  11. Eli & Edythe Broad
    Grand Plan: Grand Plan: Encourage entrepreneurship in science and the arts.
  12. Nicole Hockley
    Grand Plan: End gun violence.
  13. Todd Wagner
    Grand Plan: Help non-profits conquer the digital landscape through the Charity Network, the Amazon.com of philanthropy.
  14. Cari Tuna & Dustin Moskovitz
    Grand Plan: Prevent robots from taking over.
  15. Jeff Skoll
    Grand Plan: Pioneer a new kind of doomsday prep.
  16. Paul Allen
    Grand Plan: Use his $20 billion fortune to preserve the earth and keep humans alive.
  17. Jon Huntsman Sr
    Grand Plan: Cure cancer.
  18. Laura & John Arnold
    Grand Plan: Distribute the fortune he made as a natural gas trader at Enron to reform the criminal justice system and improve education.
  19. Nitzia Logothetis
    Grand Plan: Treat postpartum depression and related issues.
  20. Gbenga & Aisha Oyebode
    Grand Plan: Empower African women; support the arts.
  21. Richard Branson
    Grand Plan: Promote sustainability and socially responsible capitalism.
  22. Joe & Jill Biden
    Grand Plan: Eradicate cancer and end violence against women.
  23. Dayle Haddon
    Grand Plan: Bring quality education to girls without access to it, especially those in refugee camps.
  24. David Miliband
    Grand Plan: Help victims of cirises like the Syrian war, which he does as head of the International Rescue Committee, a top global NGO that provides emergency aid.
  25. Luma Mufleh
    Grand Plan: Set up refugee kids for success.
  26. Mandy Patinkin
    Grand Plan: Put refugee centers out of business by fighting for open borders.
  27. Sandra Uwiringiyimana
    Grand Plan: Bring education and opportunity to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  28. Lee Min-Bok
    Grand Plan: Empower North Korea’s citizens.
  29. Henry Timms
    Grand Plan: Leverage capitalism for charity.
  30. Craig Kielburger
    Grand Plan: Fight poverty around the globe.
  31. Mike Porath
    Grand Plan: Create a community for people affected by disease, disability, and mental illness.
  32. Jordan Hewson
    Grand Plan: Help the average person make an impact
  33. Sheryl Sandberg
    Grand Plan: Empower women; help people manage grief.
  34. Robert F. Smith
    Grand Plan: Support education, the arts, African-American causes, and combat children’s abuse.
  35. Bill & Melinda Gates
    Grand Plan: Wipe out malaria, malnutrition, and poverty using their fortune (with a big assist from Warren Buffett).
  36. Darren Walker
    Grand Plan: Make social progress around the globe via the Ford Foundation, the second-largest philanthropy in the U.S.
  37. Chuck Feeney
    Grand Plan: Lower his net worth from $8 billion to zero.
  38. Ron Perelman
    Grand Plan: Build New York’s next great cultural institution.
  39. Pierre & Pam Omidyar
    Grand Plan: Head off social disasters with cash infusions.
  40. Lilianne Ploumen
    Grand Plan: Keep NGOs afloat.
  41. Sheri & Howard Schultz
    Grand Plan: Demonstrate that by providing more people with access to opportunities we will strengthen our businesses, our communities and our country.
  42. Elaine Wynn
    Grand Plan: Use her money and mojo to level inequalities among the nation’s schools and keep the arts vibrant (including Alvin Ailey and LACMA, to which she contributed $50 million last year.)
  43. Sean & Alexandra Parker
    Grand Plan: Cure cancer.
  44. Glenn E. Martin
    Grand Plan: Slash the nation’s prison population by half by 2030.
  45. Jacqueline Novogratz
    Grand Plan: Attack global poverty.
  46. Reed Hastings
    Grand Plan: Use his $100 million Hastings Fund to support education.
  47. Charlotte Jones Anderson
    Grand Plan: Reinvigorate fundraising for youth sports and poverty reduction.
  48. James Simons
    Fund cutting-edge research not supported in traditional academia.
  49. Roxanne Quimby
    Grand Plan: Preserve wildlife, particularly in her home state of Maine.
  50. Billy & Jennifer Frist
    Grand Plan: Help autistic individuals become independent, working adults.
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