Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Tech Habits Society Have Embraced With Open Arms

Many would say that tech is an ever-evolving industry. In fact, the sector incorporates so many sectors now that it is hard to keep track.

It is undeniable that tech plays a huge part in our day to day lives, with many of us unable to remember life without our smartphones or even the internet itself, despite both of these being relatively recent inventions.

What exactly are some of the tech habits that our society has embraced?

There are quite a few it seems, but some, from the use of the hashtag, our obsession with social media and increasing dependence on apps to make life easier – are key.

People may not realize it, but these are just three examples of recent tech habits that society has embraced as part of daily life.


The hashtag (#) is now such a popular tool of social media and yet is actually quite a recent phenomenon. It is so embedded in current trends that it was added as a word to the Oxford Dictionary in June 2014. Initially used by Twitter in its current form, the hashtag makes it easier for users to search and find a certain topic or subject.

The popularity has spread beyond Twitter and is now used in many other social media platforms. In fact, go to any conference or event, or watch a television show and there will likely be an official hashtag for attendees/viewers to use in order to engage with said event/show on social media.

This has also shown to be common with other sizeable groups of people. Wedding parties often create their own hashtags, for example #MaryandJoeWedding with the hashtag popping up on social media attached to wedding pictures taken by attendees and often the bridge and groom themselves. And let us not forget the infamous selfie to go with that hashtag! 


Social media has become such an important aspect in many people’s lives. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Snapchat to Instagram, many people use all or some aspects of social media as part of their routine. Even companies and organizations have embraced it, with many now employing staff just to manage their social media accounts. Some are even creating social media strategies and use it as part of the wider company approach.

People are spending more time on social media than ever. According to an article in Social Media Today, teenagers now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms with 30% of that time allocated to social media interaction. What else is interesting is that the majority of this time is on mobile – 60%, possibly explaining why for many, a constant struggle is getting one’s smartphone to last an entire day without running out of battery.


Imagine (only a generation ago) how crazy it would have sounded if someone said that in 2017 there would be something called an app on a device called a smartphone that would allow anyone to do anything – from shopping to playing games – even dating. Well, an important tech habit for many has been the creation and adaptation of the app.

Depending on the app or the company, by simply linking a credit card or creating a profile one opens a world of opportunities. It has led to for many, a massive change of habit in the way people live their daily lives. For instance, the retail world has been suffering for many years now and many of America’s known and once loved retailers like Macys, Sears and JCPenney are downsizing and announcing closures of stores. Despite that, online shopping, notably Amazon, is still on the rise. Many now would rather do their shopping through their apps rather than physically drive to a mall and pick up whatever they need.

Also, apps making life easier has even extended to what was once unthinkable. Apps like Tinder (a location-based social search mobile app) facilitates communication between mutually interested users to chat based on potential compatibility matches. Finally, many organizations are also accustomed now to having their employees use apps like Uber and Airbnb as far as part of their company travel policy.

As tech continues to evolve it is exciting to see the new innovations that will come as a result. But for now, the increasing amount of time we spend online on social media and our reliance on apps to make life easier is here to stay.

So the next a major conference happens, it will be highly likely that many in the audience will be using an app to catchup on news about the topic being presented and probably using social media with the designated hashtag to engage with the event.

Richie Santosdiaz
Richie Santosdiaz is a London-based economic development & international trade expert specializing mainly on trade & investment. He is also a university-level adjunct lecturer teaching primarily in the areas of international business and trade. He also founded in 2016.