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Are You Ready to Compete with Industry Goliaths?

Playing with the big guns is tough. They seem to know all the tricks for attracting a large audience and climbing the corporate ladder at the speed of light. They seem to know everything and it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with them, especially if you are new in the business world.

However, if you want to succeed, you need to offer your best to beat the competition and provide real value to your customers.

Many businesses close the blinds after just a few years, precisely because they cannot compete with the Goliaths in their industry. They don’t know that the key to surviving in the market and successfully beating the competition is providing high-quality customer support. It’s all about the customers and giving them exactly what they need so that they prefer your brand.

With that in mind, take a look at some of the tips and tricks that will guide you to improve your customer support and transforming it into one of your strongest assets.

Interact with Your Customers

Interacting with your customers is crucial for getting to know them. When you get an opportunity to know them, you are better positioned to meet their needs and in fact, you will also be able to anticipate them. Whether they contact you via email, phone or social media, you need to try and engage them in a conversation, so that you can learn more about them. Identify or find out what it is that your customers like and don’t like about your products or services and use that knowledge to improve your offer and satisfy your customers.

Feedback is vital, so make sure you truly take it into account. Don’t forget about your support team, because their feedback is also valuable as they are in direct contact with your customers. They can easily recognize how your customers feel about your business, so make sure you encourage their feedback and be open to their suggestions.

Act Like a Human

When interacting with a brand, people don’t like talking to someone who sounds like a corporate robot. You will have much higher chances of engaging people with your brand if you talk to them like a real person. After all, you are a human, so you need to act like one. Show off your unique brand personality and maintain a friendly tone of voice, and you can be sure that it will be like a magnet to your customers and prospects.

Creating a friendly and warm brand identity is very easy – all you need to do is be yourself. Simply use casual responses but remain professional at the same time. If your customers see that you are just like them, they will trust you and you will hit the bullseye with your every effort. Keep that in mind when training your customer support team and make sure that consistency is one of the top priorities.

The Devil Is in the Details

As you already know, learning everything about your customers is key to satisfying their needs. The more you know about who they are and what they expect from a brand, the easier it will be for you to engage them and show them that you have the right solution to their pain points.

Using a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system will significantly help you in that endeavour. It will help you store customer information that you can use to your advantage. All the necessary information about your customers will be just a few clicks away and you can use it to impress them and engage them even more.

For instance, you can wish them a happy birthday or perhaps refer to something personal that a particular customer has mentioned in previous emails. It will show that you are paying attention and that you truly care about satisfying their needs.

Respect Your Customers’ Time

An article published in conversocial stated that 77% of people say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with a good service. Therefore, quick responses should definitely be your top priority when interacting with your customers. If you show them that you value their time by providing immediate responses, they will be more likely to choose you over your competition.

Apart from training your support staff to be more productive and efficient, you should take advantage of various tools for accelerating customer interactions and make sure that no one trying to contact you has to wait in line for someone to get in touch with. Some of the best tools for accomplishing that are live chat tools. By integrating the live chat software for website, not only will your agents have fewer calls and tickets to deal with, but you will also manage to speed up customer interactions, which can really go a long way.


It is important to choose the best live chat tools available in the market that can help you instantly connect with your website visitors and capture a lot more quality leads that you can convert, effectively increasing your sales and generating more revenue.

There are many more steps that you can take in order to improve your customer support, but the aforementioned tips will definitely give you a great head start. They will help you cut through the noise of competition and stay in the game. Therefore, apply these tips and be a support personnel who cares about customers and is willing to go to great lengths to satisfy every single one of them.

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