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SEO Vs. Online Reputation Management: Who is the Leader?

The web world is all about inculcating the best-in-class features within your website to empower a strong brand value over the internet. This is actually a necessity to create a noticeable presence and to improve the traffic to be in the reach of maximum audiences.

But, only creating a good web presence, or implementing the search engine optimization process is not enough for the sustainable growth of your business. Being reputed is equally important that demands for an effective online reputation management. To keep your brand image positive is a crucial part in the success of your business in order to be a brand image and to gain utmost client satisfaction.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a useful process for truly optimizing your website to get the highest search engine ranking possible. It is an easy way to be in the reach of maximum audiences and thus to gain expanded traffic for a profitable business. Precisely, it is an easy approach to improve the visibility of a site in search engines.

There are several tactics that can be efficiently followed in your business website by updating the code, targeting the specific keywords and putting the title and meta description, so that your website will easily be crawled.

What is Online Reputation Management

The Online Reputation Management uses a unique mix of SEO, content marketing, web design, and a variety of other methods in order to maintain your brand image in a positive manner. Although the major focus of reputation management is the brand image and customer satisfaction, this service offers huge benefits to help your business stand out.

SEO can be termed as a part of ORM, but both these terms have distinct benefits in the web world and to opt them optimally in your business website is the key to success.

Nuts and Bolts of SEO

  • Google will not be able to rank your site if its search engine bots can’t see it. The biggest advantage with technical SEO is making sure that search engines are able to process your site to index and display it accurately.
  • Technical SEO ensures reaching to your precise targets. Here, you have the opportunity to research various keywords and keyword phrases, and reorganize your website to rank for them.
  • If something went wrong with your site, technical SEO will give you the relevant tools and techniques to analyze the problem and eventually correct it.
  • An optimum SEO strategy makes a website load quickly and easy to navigate.
  • An engaging content is the output result from SEO to give inbound links from high-authority sites and amount of social shares.
  • The vast majority of users only trust the search results of top pages of the Google. So, it certainly boosts the traffic to your site with good conversions and sales.

Appealing Aspects of ORM

Improved Customer Interaction

Giving the customers a system that allows them to contact you in case of any issue is important. To answer all the queries and complaints is a good habit in this context. Online Reputation management is actually an effective technique that can help you with a system which will work best for both you and your customers.

Higher Search Rankings

SEO is the gateway to gain good search rankings, but to sustain them is the task of reputation management. Here, it has been ensured to put focus on the more positive, reviews, listings and articles so that these results will be among the top when someone searches for your company.

Wide Exposure

A robust reputation management service can help a firm gain more exposure via good web design and development along with the effective SEO strategies. Exposure is integral in the digital world and a mere feedback can either break or make any company’s reputation.


Reputation building can earn you more inbound links. If people are reading your content with interest, they are more likely to link to you as a credible source that will boost your domain authority.

Guest posting and Future Potential

Reputation management also opens the door for guest posting opportunities to more authoritative publishers. This can serve you immediate benefits like brand visibility and inbound links, and even as a gateway to better opportunities in the future.

SEO Vs ORM- A Tough Battle

If you only think of doing technical SEO for your website, you will not get the opportunity to build your brand reputation. You can climb the good ranks for specific keywords in sometime, but your visitors will feel much interested to associate with your brand. In general, you will not grow so quickly without reputation management.

Similarly, if you keep technical SEO secondary by focusing only on reputation management, you are overlooking a crucial aspect that is mandatory for search engine visibility. For example, you are incorrectly updating your robots.txt file or accidentally made your site uncrawlable. You’ll get a noticeable value of customers from other areas, but your direct rankings in SERPs will sink.

The ultimate result is that no SEO campaign can sustain for long by only following few of the standard tactics. You must apply both of them to create a broad web presence. SEO strategies are important so that you can be seen and properly understood by search engines, but reputation management is required to reach people and grow at a reasonable pace.

As both these terms are the major ingredient of web development, your first step must be to analyze your business thoroughly and check where you appear. If the results are negative, you have to efficiently implement SEO and ORM systematically for improved results.

  • SEO can be your best partner for better online presence. Your web identity includes social media and related outreach efforts such as guest blogging, and also to review items and services pertaining to your business.
  • Opting a reputed online reputation firm is also a good effort to ensure that all your online negative links will be tracked and resolved immediately. It will help you come out from the string of bad reviews.
  • The publication of valuable content on other websites, establishment of personal relationships with your customers and the promotion of your brand name and image is a continuous process.
  • Keeping a fair balance between ORM and SEO can result in positive outcomes in every dimension. It is not necessary that ORM can only work when you have bad reviews. You can promote yourself in positive manner for enhanced business results.

Points to Remember

ORM and SEO are the two main pillars in the growth of your business and to make it fruitful. While SEO results in making you noticeable within crowd, ORM makes you reputed by removing all the bad links. Therefore, it is a tough task to choose the most important between the two. A wise and intelligent step that can take you to the heights of success is to thoroughly monitor your website through Google and to thus check out the essential factors that are affecting your online presence.

Written by : David Meyer who is an experienced web developer at CSSChopper. His technical and interactive writing skills are helpful for the businesses to implement the relevant SEO tactics within their brand website along with improving their reputation with ORM.

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