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How Is Lean Startup Better

I was just sitting and brainstorming about various business ideas when suddenly a thought popped up in my head. A thought for others… yeah I am having those empathetic days again.

So basically I thought of creating an ease for the upcoming entrepreneurs and telling them something valuable about Lean Startup- An approach is far better than the usual startup methods.

Lean Startup Approach makes the idea generation and product launching much more productive and easier. It cuts down on a lot of hassles that a traditional entrepreneur goes through on every idea generation.

Today, this savvy post will be telling you some of the main advantages that a lean startup approach has and how it turns out to be better than every other approach. It will also horizon your vision on how lean makes all of your work smarter in every aspect.

So… without much ado, here you go with five best reasons of why lean approach is better:

  1. It’s Speedy:

The feature of lean startup that I love the most is being ‘Speedy’. Lean approach makes all the procedure and processes faster than before.


Because while adopting the lean approach in your business you end up cutting down on all the fancy and lengthy procedures and you do what is right at the very first thought.

As you are not investing a lot initially, you take the steps faster and are quicker in making decisions because you know that you are launching the minimal viable product (MVP) first and not going to the final product directly.

  1. It’s Flexible:

Lean approach is flexible because it gives you chance to learn from your mistakes and fully alter your ideas in case you think something is not working.

Lean startup is very flexible when it comes to shifting your plans or procedures. The technique of not investing all at once and launching a prototype first allows you to change the decision, making this approach easier and popular.


Because mainly, projects being risky and inflexible makes them fail or not being initiated at all. People lose the guts because they think about ‘what if it doesn’t work’ all the time. They are scared of investing so much time and money and then not even being able to bring any change.

Lean approach allows people to take so many pivots; customer pivot, problem pivot and solution pivot. This makes your product more meaningful and sustainable as you are judging in between and seeing what is the best thing for you.

  1. It’s Measurable:

The other best thing about lean approach is that it is measurable. You can easily measure the progress while the product is being built. Lean production believes on validated learning which is done while production.

This process makes you measure the outcomes from the very start. And by the final launch of the product, you really know what your outcome will be like.

Lean production does not work in the harder way but it works in a smarter way. Smarter in the sense of continuous measurement and continuous inspection.

  1. It’s Lesson-Oriented:

The approach also allows you to learn some great lessons. One of the best lessons is not to delay your decision which to me is the best thing in today’s tech world. You need to do the important thing right away because delaying makes you lose the charm and competition.

The second lesson is to regularly inspect your performance. Trust me these lesson of being spontaneous, inspecting your product at every step and being fast will give you an edge in general life chores also.

So, lean production being lesson-oriented is one of the very best features that lean approach has.

  1. It’s Realistic:

It is far more realistic that any other approach because you are not going all in, in fact you are trying out various ideas and seeing which one works in the best way for you.

The fact that you are not playing in the air and launching a pre-sample before the final product is fair enough to be sure of what you are exactly doing. Launching the minimal viable product (MVP) makes this approach much more realistic.

Also, the continuous customer input and suggestions also make your product much more realistic and needed. Otherwise, today entrepreneurs launch products without even considering the exact need in mind.

But this fact makes lean production much more realistic and productive than any traditional approach.


These are some best things lean approach offers all the entrepreneurs. And I am sure that these advantages give you an upper hand over many other ideas.

This article must have told you that lean approach is fast, flexible, measurable, lesson-oriented and realistic. And I am pretty sure that these reasons make your project much more easygoing and speedy.

By adopting lean approach you become much more welcoming to the new ideas, you brainstorm more and you become experimental as well as you know that you are just checking an idea out with a help of sample.

Lean production also tells you not to listen to many other random ideas, because we know that there will always be people who would be negative and who will try their best to discourage you.  But this allows you to be confident and become pro at risk-taking.

Isn’t it just amazing?

Of course it is. So all of you better opt the lean approach for all your upcoming ideas and be all out there with you MVPs. We would love to see you all succeeding.

I hope my article has helped you get the courage and adopt this viable approach right away. We would also love to hear your ideas and how do you think lean is better for the current industry.

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