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The World’s Top 20 Best Destinations To Visit In 2017

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”  ― Lao Tzu True, then why we are talking about some destinations to be visited in current year? Because apart from your unplanned good trips, there are some destinations you shouldn’t miss in 2017, in order to witness some once- in- a- lifetime events and delights. No more wait, here is the list of 20 best destinations that you should visit in 2017! So put on your travel shoes and get going.

  1. Canada: For The 150th Anniversary

    Canada’s 150th-anniversary celebrations are at its peak. Grand cultural programs, large-scale artworks, community sports day, concerts and much more is inviting worldwide travelers to be a part of the celebration. Along with the enormously exciting fun some freebies like free entry passes to all in 2017 to all the National Parks of Canada, are also on cards.

  2. Denmark: For European Capital of Culture

    Aarhus, the second city of Denmark, has been crowned as European Capital of Culture 2017. This city outshined top-visited cities of Denmark like Copenhagen and Stockholm to get this title. Owing to this entitlement, Aarhus will get a Danish makeover in terms of food, art as well as culture. This would call for grand events, festivities, and full-moon night celebrations.

  3. Thailand: For The Tourism Festival 2017

    Lumpini Park in Bangkok, one of the best places to visit in Thailand, would host the most happening tourism festival of 2017. Not just that, Thailand would entertain all the tourists this year with the amazing activities it is adding up in its tourism package.

  4. Bermuda: For America’s Cup Sailing Competition

    The British territory Bermuda, in North Atlantic Ocean would play the host to 35th America’s Cup Sailing Competition 2017. Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is the place where all the Cup Race fans must head in May and June. Reserve the best rooms now to have a picturesque view of the harbor from the infinity resort pool.

  5. Papua New Guinea: For The Mask Festival

    Papua New Guinea, the closest neighbor of Australia, is on the top destination list for 2017 because of the hypnotic ritual that it’ll showcase through its Mask Festival. This Mark Festival, promoting the uniqueness of the East New Britain’s Mask Culture, will take place in Kokopo on 12th and 13th July. 

  6. Athens: For The Ultimate Exhibition

    2017 would be the year when the National Museum of Contemporary Art would partially reopen after a closure of 12 years. Documenta 14 would open its exhibition in Athens (Greece) in April covering more than 40 public places in the city. Here, people would see exhibits of modern and contemporary art.

  7. Midwest America: For Kurt Vonnegut & Minneapolis Prince

    Midwest America would see grand celebrations to commemorate the 10th death anniversary of the famous American writer Kurt Vonnegut. Many big events would take place in Indianapolis to mark this celebration. The Minneapolis prince gives away his throne and to honor that a new museum would be inaugurated in the prince’s Paisley Park Estate.

  8. Buenos Aires: For Art Basel Cities

    Art Basel Cities announced their inaugural ceremony in Buenos Aires, Argentina in late 2017. There would be a citywide celebration including cultural programs, art shows etc. The bars and restaurants of the city would show innovation with drinks and cuisines to mark this grand celebration. 

  9. San Francisco: For The 50th Summer Of Love Anniversary

    The Summer of Love phenomenon that occurred in 1967 would mark its 50th anniversary this year. It would definitely be worth your time and money to be part of the occasion where San Francisco would host an array of grand events like art shows, exhibitions, street theater, and concerts.

  10. Colombia: For The Pope’s Visit

    With Pope Francis set to visit Colombia in September this year, a peaceful ambiance has dawned over the entire nation. Pope’s visit, officially called the Apostolic Journey, would bring prosperity and happiness to this nation. While in Colombia, one must definitely try the finest coffee, the refined architecture of Medlin and ancient defensive forts of Cartagena.

  11. Scotland: For  History, Heritage, and Archaeology

    The Standing Stones, also known as Callanish Stones, are attracting people towards them in 2017. This year marks as the year of Scotland’s History, Heritage, and Archaeology. It’s the perfect time for people to visit this country, discover the roots, take part in the 2017 Edinburgh Festival and enjoy the year-long celebrations.

  12. New Zealand: For The British and Irish Lions Tour

    All the rugby fans head on to New Zealand this year for the British and Irish Lions Tour, which is to be hosted in June. For others, New Zealand has a number of amazing wineries and waterfalls to keep you entertained. Reserve your rooms in the multi-million dollar Helena Bay resort that is opening this year for a luxurious stay.

  13. Jordan: For Capital Of Islamic Culture

    Amman in Jordan has been granted the Capital Of Islamic Culture status in 2017. Be a part of the year-long celebrations that this city is hosting this year to witness the grandeur of Islamic art and culture.

  14. Bhutan: For the Tiger’s Nest

    The Paro Taktsang, popularly known as the Tiger’s Nest is a must-visit place for all the hikers. The Tiger’s Nest is the birthplace of Buddhism and one of the most eco-friendly places in the world. The trek to Tiger’s Nest is one of the steepest and most adventurous treks, thus making its place in 2017 travel destinations.

  15. China: For The Panda Cuddles

    Chengdu in China has made its place in the top 20 destinations for 2017 because of the warm panda hugs tourists can avail. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding houses 80% of the world’s pandas and lets the traveler have a close encounter with these adorable giants.

  16. Cuba: For The Authentic Experience

    Cuba is the best place to visit in 2017 for some authentic experience. The smaller cities of this Cuba, along with the capital Havana, are amazing places to visit this year and explore Cuban culture to the very depth.

  17. Australia: For The Great Barrier Reef

    Australia’s The Great Barrier Reef, which attracted thousands of visitors every year, is dying a slow death. A large part of this barrier reef has already suffered bad coral die-off. This makes a trip to Australia indispensable to witness this world’s largest coral reef before it disappears.

  18. India: For The Rich Culture

    India’s rich and colorful culture has always attracted people. Whether it is the majestic architecture or the rich flora and fauna, the historic monuments or the relishing food, India has it all. Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Goa, Kashmir, Kerala and the Taj are some of the top tourist destinations in India that must be visited to experience vivid cultures of these places.

  19. Iceland: For The Glacier Trip

    A wonder in the Western Iceland’ Reykjavik has opened up for public visits. The Into The Glacier tour takes the visitors into frozen tunnels under the Langjökull. This glacier tour through these deep ice tunnels makes Iceland a perfect destination in 2017.

  20. Rwanda: For The  Bisate Lodge

    Wilderness Safaris’ Bisate Lodge will see its opening in June this year. Bisate Lodge would be located on an eroded volcanic cone near the Volcanoes National Park where you can see the endangered mountain gorilla. This makes Rwanda a must visit destination.

These were the world destinations that made it to the top 20 list for 2017 travel plans. If you have any other destinations in mind, feel free to share your views in the comment section.

Written by  Palak Gupta, works at TourTravelWorld.Com. She is a globetrotter who loves to explore places, cultures, cuisines and everything that fall in my trips. Through her write-ups, she shares her travel experiences, the gripping stories of travel destinations and discuss on subjects that travel junkies show a keen interest in.

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