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Types Of Boredom That Will Blow Your Entrepreneurial Mind

Most people easily get bored even without a particular reason. It just hits them everywhere in school, office or even in their house. However, are you even aware which type of boredom you are experiencing? Here are the following:

Indifferent Boredom

This kind of boredom makes people appear calm, relaxed and withdrawn. You might think that the individual you are talking to are focused on listening to everything that you are saying, but the truth is they are not even interested.

Their personal replies are “Hmms” “Okays” “Ahhs” and sometimes “Awws.” You will also feel the tiredness in their eyes even though the both of you are just sitting for the whole hours. It is very common in schools and even at the office, especially if their manager keeps on giving them a task that they’re not even interested in doing.

Want to test if they are listening to you? Try to ask them “So what can you say?” and you will get the very standard answer which is “Oh! I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. What was it again?”

Apathetic Boredom

This type of boredom only means that you don’t care about the happenings in your environment. You come to your office, do your job and then leave without even acknowledging the people around you. Some people may think that you’re in a state of depression, even though you’re just bored to death.

One thing you will notice with those individuals who are apathetic bored is when you try to start a conversation with them, they will give you that look with one brow lifted, dead eyes and a smirk. Apathetic bored people are loners and socializing with other people is just not their thing. So if someone would say “Hey our co-worker’s injury is so bad!” they would just look at that person for a second, probably, and go back to what they are doing.

Although these people seem not to care, one positive trait that they have, and you could trust them with, is that they would finish their job just to avoid being scolded by their big bosses.

Calibrating Boredom

This type of boredom makes people look like they are somewhere out of the world. They want to do something different from what they are currently doing like going to the beach, go to a Casino Bar and play or be a Fashion Model.

The things you will quickly notice and may find creepy with this kind of people is their tendency to stare at the wall or the ceiling, play with their hair (for the girls), or play with their pen in their mouth. Another thing is if you ask them any question, they may give you an out-of-the-world type of answer.

Reactant Boredom

This type of boredom is for those people who are left with no choice or those who are trapped in a given situation. They are usually motivated on leaving the current situation they are in, or they usually stay away from the people that are causing their boredom. These type of individuals also tries to find or do something that is more interesting compared to what they are doing.

One thing you will notice from those people experiencing this type of apathy is their grumpiness. This is their personal way of saying “I’m bored” “You’re boring” or “I don’t want to stay here.” However, if they’re talking to their superior, expect them to speak about the managers or the ideas behind their back.

The only thing that could make them smile is a new challenging idea and if they got bored again with that, offer them new ideas again.

Searching Boredom

You may consider this as the right kind of bored people since they’re the type who does not allow the situation to eat them. Those people who are experiencing this type of boredom usually tend to search for new things or ideas just for them not to be bored. However, it may also lead to dangerous actions like jumping off a cliff.

One thing you will notice from those people who are experiencing this kind of boredom is their vital energy. For instance, if their boss asks them to propose a plan for a new business in the market, they will do everything just for it to work out even though some things are not necessary.

You may consider the searchers as outgoers. However, make sure to warn them every time especially when what they are looking for or doing is getting risky.


If you think that you are always experiencing one of the types of boredom that were listed above, it’s not yet too late to change. There are some things you can do for you to avoid it. Here are some tips to help you:

Start Being A Bookworm

During your free time, you can read some blogs or information from the internet to help you widen your knowledge. If you find the article boring, try reading some horror stories, beauty tips article or how-to-be-rich types of material. You can always choose which type of article you can read.

Customized Your Desk

Be creative! This may not work for everyone, but art is always fun. You can try putting some pictures on your station like the day you went to the beach, the night you party with your friends or your family picture. Make sure that it’s allowed in your office, though.

Choose The Perfect Background

Instead of slouching and thinking of how bored you are, why not choose the perfect background for your desktop. It will also let you see some interesting pictures on the internet that will make you read the article associated with it.

Eat Your Comfort Food

What’s a better way to be happy than eating chocolates, pizza or cake? If you’re too bored to read an article, then try eating your comfort food. Everyone knows that eating is happiness so why not stand up, go to the pantry and eat that chocolate cake you’ve been keeping for later?

Talk To Your Co-Workers

No man is an island. So, if you’re boredom level is at 100%, always remember that someone is sitting next to you. You can always share your ideas with them, and they may also do the same. Just remember not to go overboard and disturb them from their jobs.

Always keep in mind that you’re in a corporate world and being boring is always a no-no.

Written by: Hana Williams is a blogger who lives in Los Angeles. She loves traveling and finding out new ideas that will help her on her write ups. Aside from traveling, she also loves to party with her friends and also write a review about the clubs she has visited. Her favorite animal in the world is cats.

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