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Apply These 5 Helpful Techniques To Survive A Bad Day When You Are A Boss!

Bad days, bad moods and bad luck don’t follow any rule. You can face the most embarrassing situation on the most important day of life. Similarly when something bad strikes, then it shows no mercy for anyone. So even if you are CEO of a company, you have your share of bad days.

You can have a bad mood on a day or it could be that a bad day just springs up on you. But when you are the boss of a company, then such things can have effects on your interaction with the people. You can neither just take a day off nor can you leave early, or even vent out your frustrations in a fit of temper if you want to retain your professional reputation.

No, a boss has to act sensibly even when the rest of the workforce is behaving like whiny, bratty kids. How does a boss go about creating this bubble of positivity and rationality so that a bad day doesn’t get worse for himself and his subordinates? To help out, a few tips and habits that could help out in such a situation has been compiled. Here they are:

  1. Don’t Show Your Emotions

It could be tempting to burst out, especially when you know there’s no one to lash back at you. However, being the boss means that emotion is counterproductive. A bad temper would not only make you seem like a big bully but also demotivate the entire team. In other words, it would only serve to make matters worse.

In order to let out the negative emotions, you need to take a more organic approach. What you should do is spend time with a trusted group of friends and share your grievances with them. On the contrary, when you vent out your frustration to your subordinates, it only creates a scene and spoils your reputation in the eyes of others.

Remember that you are an idol for your subordinates. So when you behave badly with your workers, you set a wrong example which is counterproductive for your team in the long run.

  1. Look For Distractions

When your mind dwells on something bad, then it is time to deviate your point of focus. Luckily, we live in an age where it takes only a tap of the finger to take your mind into a different world. So whenever you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, you can engage yourself in anything that grabs your attention.

The best stuff to watch out is funny memes, and videos that will instantly crack a smile on your face. The more you laugh, the more you increase the endorphins in your brain which dilute the effects of a bad mood.

If it’s not possible for you to get a holiday and chill out with your friends, then you can use the recreational arrangements in your workplace facility. For example, you can indulge in the pool game while your workers are busy in their work.

If you’re above the viral videos of today, simply have something lined up that would interest you to the point that you forget your troubles for a while. Maybe you like reading. In that case, you can line up a P.G Wodehouse novel for some good, old-fashioned laughter, or have some whacky comics saved up for a rainy day. Apps like Bored Panda, 9Gag, and Cracked can certainly help with the blues at any given time.

  1. Being Overly Apologetic Is Not Necessary

In case you do end up freaking out, blowing your gasket, or lashing out at those who look up to you, don’t go overboard with compensating for it afterward. Be cool, apologize if necessary, and carry on with dignity. Everyone is allowed to blow off a little steam now and then.

However, overcompensating for your lack of control does not mean you promise bonuses to everyone, or throw a party to say you’re sorry. The more you take your outburst in a professional stride, the more your subordinates would respect and obey you.

  1. Take A Step Back

In the rare cases when a bad day just cannot seem to be salvaged, you just might be able to allow yourself to take off. Go home, relax, and spend time with family or friends, or whoever you’ve been neglecting due to work pressures.

Of course, the urgent work has to be finished up, but don’t wait around for further problems to come up when there really isn’t much to be done except worry about what might happen. Get out there and let yourself know that life doesn’t begin and end inside the office. It just might happen that your early day back could be a gift to your family and yourself, and have you coming back to work the next day with an enlivened attitude.

  1. Practice A Positive Attitude Beforehand

If you have a positive attitude in place, you will probably be doing away with a lot of bad days in the first place. A relaxed attitude really does wonders towards dealing with things gone wrong. Instead of getting tensed up or frustrated when a mistake is made, think of ways to rectify the situation, instead of dwelling in anger and resentment.

This habit might seem difficult, but it is actually not that hard to put into practice. Ask yourself “Does this mistake really mess everything up? Can the situation be salvaged at all?”

If you feel yourself getting riled up, ask yourself if losing your temper would do any good or get any work done. The answer will usually be ‘’no”. So the professional and most productive route to take would be to stay upbeat and positive and see what can be done to turn a bad day around.

Wrapping Up…

While not having a bad day is pretty much impossible, being the boss levies a certain responsibility on one. There are ways to work around even the worst situations and even more ways to deal with such situations in a calm, rational, and professional manner. This would not only help a person in charge to get through the day and come out victorious on the other side, but it would also create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, keeping the whole team happy, connected, and working hard.

Scarlett Erin works for Assignment help UK where she specializes in writing about time, stress, and workload management.

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