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Who Are The Richest Entertainers In Ireland?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, with a combined wealth of €645 million, Irish rock band U2 (Bono, Edge, Larry Mullen Jr, and Adam Clayton) are the richest entertainers in Ireland, according to the 2017 Sunday Times Irish Rich List. Second to U2 are producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (Burnett isn’t Irish, but Dowmey is from Derry) with a fortune of €459 million.

Riverdance creator Michael Flatley, whose crew performed at Donald Trump’s inauguration, comes in 3rd at €235 million, while singer Enya is reported to be worth €117 million.

The top 10 also features the Irish actor is Liam Neeson who is worth an eye-watering €113 million, Pierce Brosnan (€72 million), Sir Van Morrison (€62 million), Sir Daniel and Lady Day-Lewis (€55 million), Bob Geldof (€49 million), and Niall Horan (€44 million).

The richest Irish actor on the list is Liam Neeson (one of my favorite), who at 64 remains one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars.

At the age of 23, Niall Horan, who recently went solo after his time in band One Direction, is the youngest person on the rich list with a wealth of €44 million. He’s also the only person under 40 on the Richest Entertainer’s List.

Who Are The Richest Entertainers In Ireland?

  1. U2 – €645 million
  2. Mark Burnett and Roma Downey – €459 million
  3. Michael Flatley – €235 million
  4. Enya – €117 million
  5. Liam Neeson – €113 million
  6. Pierce Brosnan – €72 million
  7. Sir Van Morrison – €62 million
  8. Sir Daniel and Lady Day-Lewis – €55 million
  9. Bob Geldof – €49 million
  10. Niall Horan – €44 million

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