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As the CEO of your own business, one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make is how, when and who to hire. In addition to being an exciting time, hiring can also be one of the scariest times for a business owner. The idea of increasing staff and improving productivity also comes with the responsibility of having to pay for someone’s salary, adding new monthly costs and also managing someone beneath you. This is true whether it’s your first employee or your hundredth… and don’t even think about trying to hire family to grow out your business, as that usually just makes things worse.

The good news is that hiring today is now easier than ever thanks to job listing sites, social media, personal recommendation and everything in between. However, these solutions also make it much easier for individuals looking for work to apply for hundreds of different job sites and listings with the click of a button.

With so many options out there, what’s a CEO or organization hiring team to do?

That’s exactly what we are going to be covering in today’s article which is focused on three ways to making better hiring decisions. Let’s get started!

LinkedIn is Always a Great Place to Start

Everyone loves a good social networking platform, but once you mentioned LinkedIn… it’s strictly all business. There is little room for fun and games when it comes to your resume and building new business connections and references — which is exactly what you will get when logged into your LinkedIn account. It’s also one of the first places a business will look before calling you in for that follow-up interview.

The reason why LinkedIn is one of the most effective and powerful business research tools out there for hiring is because your profile is built around your previous work history, expertise, recommendations, and connections within an industry. This is exactly what businesses and brands want to see when looking for a new hire. Not only will your amount of business connections impress your next potential employer, a few glowing recommendations might actually seal the deal and get you called in versus someone with a stale profile.

In short, there really is no hiring and pre-screening process at all if you are skipping over what LinkedIn has to offer. To learn more about how to get the most out of LinkedIn, be sure to check out their list of hiring tips.

Reach Top Tier Talent through Woo Hiring

LinkedIn is great for hiring research, but what about finding top talent that might not be sending resumes right to your company directly? We already know businesses like Google, Apple and Tesla aren’t posting hiring slots on their site… they are simply seeking the best talent out themselves and grabbing whoever they can before the competition does.

With all of this in mind, Woo is a recruitment and hiring solution that allows businesses and brands to target top tech talent who might not actively be listed on top job sites. On top of this, users of Woo aren’t desperately looking for their next job and simply taking whatever comes their way — instead, it’s all about the end user (the potential hire) listing their expertise, perceived value, personal expectations and areas of interest that best align with their personal, financial and career goals.

All of this takes place when a user signs up on their site and completes a questionnaire and personal profile form process — while also keeping the individual anonymous in the process. Anonymity is in place as most of these tech stars are already happy with their current working situation, but also leaving the door open for any better options that may arise.

Getting back to the actual hiring and recruitment process, this is where Woo shines for businesses. Just like how top tech talent joins the Woo platform to find new opportunities, businesses and brands can do the same when looking for new talent and hires. Based on user feedback, Woo can provide businesses with anonymous profiles to help fill their hiring needs. The techie then has the option to respond to any inquiries from companies and pursue any new opportunities.

The 50 best job posting sites for employers:

When it comes to hiring top talent within your company, you want to make sure you explore all of your options. As mentioned earlier, it’s now easier than ever for individuals to fill out one resume, then click a button and have them sent out to numerous job listing sites. Even with that being said, it’s still important to appreciate that not all job listing sites are the same, nor is the information they provide to organizations looking to hire.

The web based applicant tracking system, Betterteam released a list of the top 50 job recruitment and hiring sites that every organization should consider. The list is made up of many familiar names like HotJobs, Monster, and others… but also includes several smaller niche-focused job sites, which allow for better research and hiring depending on the industry you might currently be in.

It’s quite a list, but the top ten recommended job sites by Betterteam include; Indeed, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Dice, SnagAJob and Beyond. A few of the lesser-known names include StartWire, CareerJet, CareerBliss, MediaBistro and Geebo.

RankJob boardsWebsiteCost
1IndeedIndeed.com PPC based - $10 Minimum
2CraigslistCraigslist.com Location based - $15 Minimum
3LinkedInLinkedin.comLocation based - $495 Minimum
4MonsterMonster.com $134 - $425 Per post
5FacebookFacebook.com Budget Based
6GlassdoorGlassdoor.comLocation based - $99 Minimum
7CareerbuilderCareerbuilder.com $240 - $419 Per Job Post
8DiceDice.com $250 - $395 Per Post
9SnagAJobSnagajob.com Minimum $89/Month
10BeyondBeyond.com $199/month, $1790/year minimum
11DribbbleDribbble.com$320 - $400
12FlexjobsFlexjobs.com $14.96/month, $49.95/year minimum
13eBay Classifiedsebayclassifieds.com Free
14CoroflotCoroflot.com$275 - $1,850 Per Post
15JobsRadarJobsradar.com $200/month, $2,200/year minimum
16LevoLevo.com$99 to $149
18StartWireStartwire.com N/A
20JujuJuju.com N/A
21CareerBlissCareerbliss.com N/A
22MediaBistroMediabistro.com $297
23Jobs2CareersJobs2careers.com N/A
24GeeboGeebo.com$64.75 - $75 Per Post
25TechFetchTechfetch.com $1499 - $2499 Per Year
26MBAFocusMbafocus.com $195 Per Post Minimum
27ClearanceJobsClearancejobs.com N/A
29JobsFlagJobsflag.com N/A
31US.jobsus.jobs $25/30 Days
32Authentic JobsAuthenticjobs.com$100 to $400
33SalesGravySalesgravy.com$199/month - $999/month
34Kropkrop.com$125 - $199 Per Post
35Jobvertisejobvertise.com $29/month to $199/year
36AllRetailJobs.comAllretailjobs.com $118 - $335 Per Job Posting
37JobisJobJobisjob.com Free
38DiversityJobsDiversityjobs.com N/A
39CollegeRecruiterCollegerecruiter.com N/A
40TalentZooTalentzoo.com $249 Per Post
41TopUSAJobsTopusajobs.com N/A
43JobsInLogistics.comJobsinlogistics.com $118 - $335 Per Post
44DieselJobsDieseljobs.com $5 - $10 Per Day Per Job
45Doostangdoostang.com Free
47YouTernyoutern.com $25.75 - $39 Per Post
48Malakyemalakye.com Free
49Joobleus.jooble.org N/A
90Actuary.comactuary.com $215 Per Post

The World of Business and Hiring is Changing… Are You?

The clear takeaway here is that recruitement and hiring is no longer a paper resume and submission process. It’s now more important than every for businesses and brands to put in the time, money and effort to make sure they are seeking out the best talent, and not relying on just talent coming to them.

No matter what level of hiring your organization might be at, take more control and make better decisions with each of the recommended solutions and job sites listed above.

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