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Gifts with a Personal Touch Earn Great Profits from Your Clients

They say you can’t buy happiness with a gift. While that might be true, there are some things you can buy with a well-crafted gift: recognition. Earning great profit from your clients with something that matters might just make you stand above the crowd.

Then again, it all depends on what you’re offering and how you do it. A wrap matters just as much as what’s inside a package, envelope or over-sized box. Make sure to keep that in mind as first impressions matter a lot.

Question: What is the greatest gift you’ve ever given to customers to show your appreciation and gratitude?

Here are some cool ideas you might want to consider to help you earn great profits and at the same time make an unforgettable impression.

  1. A month of free service
  2. Gift baskets
  3. Sports tickets
  4. Uber gift certificate
  5. Handwritten note
  6. Weekend retreat
  7. Bows and ties
  8. Business shoes
  9. iPad
  10. Wine bottles
  11. Edible arrangements
  12. Kindle e-reader
  13. Personalized notepad
  14. Paperweight
  15. A charitable donation
  16. Starbucks gift cards
  17. Chocolate masterpieces

Silk Bows and Ties – Bows and Ties are usually considered the cop-out gift for corporate customers. With the help of stylists Stephan Cara and Kyriako Caras of The KyriakoBow, we’ve put together a list of ties that any senior executive should be glad to own.

Personalized silver pen- You can never go wrong with a personalized silver pen, especially if you have clients who are active business people. Invest in a qualitative pen, and make sure to stay away from counterfeit products. Even though it is tempting to write your company’s logo on the gift alongside the engraving you’d like to customize, you might want to skip that step. At best, you can include the name of your brand on the gift card. Clients are fond of gift with a twist, and we guarantee that a silver pen with a meaningful message engraved with make them notice you.

High-quality notebook- We may live in the world of advanced technology, but this doesn’t mean people have stopped using pen and paper. In the business environment, offering your clients a functional gift in an attempt to get sponsorship and boost your profits, might be an excellent idea. Spend time choosing a high-quality notebook. Choose one with a leather cover, for example, because it’s more durable and it exude high-class. On the inside, the notebook should be very-well organized, too. Discreet pockets on the sides where they can arrange important notes, and even a special compartment for a pen with make your gift original and interesting to the client.

Leather belt & wallet- Gifting your clients a wallet or a belt is a more personal type of gift. If you’re close to your business partner, it might seem like a great idea. Choose a classic type of belt made of leather in a neutral color such as black and brown. Do the same with the wallet. If you can’t afford to buy such a lavish gift from a brand store, your second option is to purchase them from a handmade store. This way you can customize it, and have the initials of your client etched on both the wallet and belt.

Smart gadgets- Another type of gift that will impress a client is a smart device. Whether we’re talking about an iPad or tablet, or about a smartwatch, it goes without saying that you’ll make an impression. Business people are crazy about tech. But you have to make sure they don’t have the device you plan to buy. We recommend that you invest in a smart wristwatch. The variety is endless out there, and even though these gadgets are a bit expensive, it will be worth the expense in the end. Your goal is to wow them with your gesture, and compel them to invest in your company and help you boost your profits.

Jewelry- When it comes to gifting jewelry to potential clients, you might want to steer clear of diamonds and accessories that are too extravagant. Remember, your goal is not to buy them with an expensive gift but to make an impression and compel them to appreciate the gesture. For men, bespoke cufflinks are the best. Business men wear fancy suits almost every day, and new pair of cufflinks customized for them will make them like your gift even more.

Desk organizer set- Last but not least, we have the acclaimed desk organizer set. However, you have to invest in a product that your client can actually use. Leaving aside special compartments for storing pens, sticky notes and other accessories, pay close attention to other things that must fit properly on a desk, such as an iPad or iPhone. There are special organizers for smart devices that you can buy them. They’ll definitely appreciate the gesture because the gift is actually pretty functional, useful and elegant.

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