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Style Choices: How to Give Your Customers the Best You Can Offer

Whether you work at a small time online shop or a chain department store, everyone likes to be given choice. Especially when you’re dealing with fashion. Whether business casual or full formal wear, everybody likes to be given a choice of styles. If you’re wondering exactly how to give your customers the most style choices possible, here are a few things you need to think about.

First of all, you always need to think about your target clienteles. Are your customer coming to purchase something for a wedding, or a casual get together with friends? What exactly do you sell? 

Defining dress codes: what to wear for every occasion

Well, hitting the right note with attire can be confusing. Here are the details of how to dress appropriately for any occasion — some examples of different styles include:

When to wear it: Elegant events such as a wedding, débutante cotillion, dance, dinner, formal garden party, etc.

Business formal
When to wear it: business lunches or conferences, etc.
Exactly what it sounds like. guys should be in a suit and tie, and gals should be in a tailored dress or pantsuit. You’ll usually find business formal dress code being used for business lunches or conferences

When to wear it: church, dinner, or an invite received via phone or e-mail, etc.

Country club casual
When to wear it: Events such as friend’s home for dinner, cruise lines, the country club, nice restaurant, etc.

Business Casual
When to wear it: Events such as business lunch meetings, company party, daily work attire, etc.

Cocktail Attire (a.k.a. Semiformal, After-Five)
When to wear it: Events such as adult birthday parties, evening social events, etc.

When to wear it: Events such as afternoon tea, business breakfasts, daytime engagement parties, etc.

White Tie
When to wear it: Events such as charity fundraisers, government ceremonies, the opera, weddings, etc.

Black Tie (a.k.a. Formal)
When to wear it: Events such as charity fundraisers, political dinner parties, weddings, etc.

Creative Black Tie
When to wear it: Formal events that have a fun atmosphere, galas, silent auctions, weddings, etc.

Warm Weather Black Tie
When to wear it: Formal events that are held outdoors, such as country club dinners, galas, weddings, etc.

Black-Tie Optional
When to wear it: Elegant events such as formal dinners, galas, silent auctions, weddings, etc.

Do you know exactly what you sell in your store? Many department stores sell all of the above, but if you run an independent store, it might be a good idea to take these different style choices into consideration next time you order a new shipment.

Another think to think about is why exactly are they purchasing these clothes? Do they have a wedding to go to? Are they going to a party in town? It’s always important to ask what the event is, that way you can have a better idea of what exactly they’re looking for. Remember, full formal and business formal may seem similar, but there are a few differences!

Now that you have an idea of your target clientele, and what style they’re shopping for, so now it’s time to talk variety. Variety is not just in clothing types, but in the styles as well! Make sure that your customer knows about all of the options that come with their style choice, from shirts to slacks, to even ties! Nowadays everything comes in different colors, textures, and materials. With all of these options, there’s no way that your customer is going to have a shortage on choices!

Some neat ideas to think about when talking about styles and varieties are:

  • Sales! Just because it looks nice doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Every now and then have a sale from 10%-20% off certain clothes and styles.
  • Incentives! BOGO and Raffles for gift cards are the most common form of incentives for buying a certain item, especially if it’s appealing to the eye! Every now and then pitch an idea for a BOGO sale or a raffle, and see those customers flock to your store!
  • Creativity! Not all customers that some into your store are looking for the same thing. It’s okay to get creative! Pitch an idea for tie you think would look better, or even an off-colorshirt!

It’s important to remember that not everyone knows exactly what they want when they come into your shop; that’s why some of the largest fashion brands offer both trending styles as well as personalized choices like custom dress shirts, suits, rare shoes, etc. The point is, customers will need your help on buying certain items that they are unsure about, so it’s best to give them the most choices possible. Odds are, they’ll see something they’ll love and try to find something to go with it. This makes your job easier, not to mention more fun!

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