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America’s Top 20 universities and colleges That Raised The Most Money In 2016

Harvard University

Harvard University raised more money than any other institution in the U.S. last year — $1.19 billion — in 2nd place was Stanford University, with $951.15 million, according to an annual survey by the Council for Aid to Education, a New York nonprofit. Last year universities and colleges in the United States raised $41 billion.

After Stanford’s $952 million, University of Southern California raised $666 million, followed by the Johns Hopkins University at $657 million and University of California San Francisco at $595 million.

Among the list of the top 20 universities and colleges that raised the most money in 2016, virtually every elite institution in America is included: Cornell, Columbia, Yale, Duke, MIT, and University of Pennsylvania.

In 2015, Stanford University topped the list at $1.63 billion, while Harvard University received $1.05 billion.

America’s top 20 most wealthiest universities and colleges

The 20 schools on this ranking account for less than 1% of the total number of the America’s universities and colleges.

RankInstitutionAmount Raised
1Harvard University$1,190 million
2Stanford University$951.15 million
3University of Southern California$666.64 million
4Johns Hopkins University$657.29 million
5University of California San Francisco$595.94 million
6Cornell University$588.26 million
7Columbia University$584.81 million
8University of Pennsylvania$542.85 million
9University of Washington$541.44 million
10Yale University$519.15 million
11Duke University$506.44 million
12University of California Los Angeles$498.8 million
13New York University$461.15 million
14University of Chicago$443.3 million
15University of Michigan$433.78 million
16Massachusetts Institute of Technology$419.75 million
17Northwestern University$401.68 million
18Ohio State University$386.11 million
19University of Notre Dame$371.76 million
20Indiana University$360.94 million

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