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How to Maximize LinkedIn’s New Endorsement System as a CEO

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LinkedIn has updated their Endorsements feature to help users get more traction for their profiles so they can easily connect to people looking for their level of skills and expertise. For quite some time, LinkedIn endorsements have been part and parcel to creating a powerful LinkedIn profile that stands out among all others. Endorsements allow LinkedIn users to confirm a friend’s skill which they have added on their LinkedIn profile. Although this was a helpful feature to add to personal and business profiles, it was difficult to assess the validity of this when LinkedIn previously allowed people to endorse multiple skills without some form of validation. LinkedIn’s new endorsement system helps ensure these endorsements are accurate and relevant.

So how does the new endorsement system work?

LinkedIn has now come up with a new method in place to highlight the accuracy of endorsements based on how the endorser is connected with you to be able to attest to your particular skill or expertise. All of this is made in place to improve LinkedIn’s data accuracy which is the primary reason why the platform has been so successful with business professionals in the first place.

The new endorsement system is set to feature endorsements from people that you have worked with, mutual connections and those that are experts or highly skilled on that particular area. This means LinkedIn will now highlight and state endorsements from your colleagues who know you best to attest to what you do best. This gives more credibility to endorsements as LinkedIn users will be able to see where these endorsements are coming from and whether or not they should be considered based on the number of people who endorse you.

The new endorsement system works because it helps to identify your top level skills and ensures this is validated by your colleagues and peers. This helps build value to your profile and helps people recognize what you are good at based on your list of skills and expertise. This also works well with businesses and companies who may be looking for your particular skill set. They can search for specific skills on LinkedIn and endorsements help boost your profile to the top of search results.

Highlight main skills

To maximize the new endorsement system on LinkedIn, it is important to revisit your current skill set and prioritize your main and high level skills at the top. This makes it easier for your connections to find the skills that they know you are good at and endorse you for them. LinkedIn’s infrastructure then personalizes your endorsements to better suit those who are checking out your profile. Only the most significant endorsements from colleagues, connections and industry experts are featured at the top.

To ensure the best chance of success in getting your profile highlighted at the top of others on search results, it is important to also pay attention to LinkedIn’s list of sought after skills that are based on hiring and recruiting trends on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has released a report on in-demand skills in different categories and also highlights top skills according to country.

LinkedIn also suggests highlighting your top five skills on your profile as this helps you garner more views based on companies using skill search to filter out candidates for a particular job or businesses looking for talented people to go into partnership with.

List skills relevant to your business

List down skills that matter to your brand or business so potential clients and leads can see this on your profile the moment they visit your page. It is important to focus on skills that are relevant to your business to ensure endorsers can see this quickly. Brands and businesses looking for particular skills in your industry are also more likely to see your profile on top of search results which helps your brand visibility.

Get featured

The goal of endorsements is to be able to soon garner enough to be recognized as an expert in your field. By being listed and featured as a highly skilled professional, it improves your chances of expanding your reach and can even increase your ability to find new leads. Since some businesses and companies only want to find the cream of the crop, being seen as an industry expert through endorsements can help you use this as a leverage to find new job and business opportunities faster.

Learn new skills

Revisiting your endorsements and prioritizing your top skills also helps you reflect on what particular skills you lack or need to improve on so you can spend time to hone them or find the right resources to get these skills to the top. LinkedIn’s new endorsement system helps you identify your top skills so you can make the most of these to promote yourself and highlight these skill sets in future business transactions. If you do not possess a particular skill yet or lack endorsements for a particular skill, use that as an opportunity to improve. LinkedIn has a wide array of offers that allows its users the ability to gain new skills right in its own platform which can help them gain new skills and secure more endorsements. Signing up for LinkedIn learning, for example, helps users gain new proficiencies with access to 5000 courses that they can take for free.

Through LinkedIn’s new endorsement system, users can revisit their profiles and redesign it in a way that brings them the most results. Endorsements are a great way to build value for their personal brand while increasing their ability to appear more in filtered skill searches to attract more leads. It is important to remember that the competition steadily increases as more and more business professionals sign up to LinkedIn to take advantage of its marketing reach. It is essential to always be in the know with the latest updates on how to make the most of LinkedIn’s platform and updated features to stay relevant to your target audience so you are one step closer to that dream job or landing that business partnership.

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