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Top 25 Highest Earning Athletes On Twitter, 2016

Highest Earning Athletes On Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo was rated as the highest-earning sportsperson in the world in 2016, followed by his long-standing rival Lionel Messi Lionel Messi. The Real Madrid forward tops Forbes magazine’s Money Index for the first time, as he earned $88 million. Lionel Messi, meanwhile, follows in 2nd-place with his income totalling $81 million.

Messi, the second-best earning sport star, is followed by LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers small forward, cashing in $77.2 million. Australian Open champion Roger Federer comes 4th with $67.8 million.

Golden State Warriors basketballer Kevin Durant is 5th on the list with $56.2 million for the year. The list of the top 20 Highest-Paid Athletes was dominated by football, basketball, tennis, American football, and Formula One.

Top 25 Highest Earning Athletes On Twitter, 2016

1Cristiano Ronaldo$88 millionSoccer
2Lionel Messi$81.4 millionSoccer
3LeBron James$77.2 millionBasketball
4Roger Federer$67.8 millionTennis
5Kevin Durant$56.2 millionBasketball
6Novak Djokovic$55.8 millionTennis
7Cam Newton$53.1 millionFootball
8Phil Mickelson$52.9 millionGolf
8Jordan Spieth$52.8 millionGolf
10Kobe Bryant$50 millionBasketball
11Lewis Hamilton$46 millionRacing
12Tiger Woods$45.3 millionGolf
13Eli Manning$45 millionFootball
14Joe Flacco$44.5 millionFootball
15Tom Brady$44.1 millionBoxing
16Floyd Mayweather$44 millionGolf
17Rory McIlroy$42.6 millionFootball
18Russell Wilson41.8Racing
19Sebastian Vettel$41 millionFootball
20Philip Rivers$38 millionFootball
21Rafael Nadal$37.5millionTennis
22Neymar$37.5 millionSoccer
23Zlatan Ibrahimovic$37.4 millionSoccer
24Fernando Alonso$36.5 millionRacing
25Gareth Bale$35.9 millionSoccer
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