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Influencer Marketing Tools you should know about

Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

To understand how influencer marketing tool works, we first need to know what Influencer marketing is? Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing that involves individuals (aka influencers) who promote your product or service in different ways. Your market value is increased by taking help of individuals who play the role of buyers of that particular product. They share their personal experience with the product. They let the audience know how they felt while using the product.

This type of marketing depends on the influencer’s social popularity and reputation. In this case, brand owners seek help from celebrities because of their popularity. Such people or a group are highly visible to the public on social platforms. Note that there are 4 basic types of influencers you should be familiar with. Product owners take help from these people to leave an impression on the public so that they get influenced and later on, buy that product. The product becomes more trustworthy.

Types of Social Media Influencers, here are the different types of influencers:

  1. The celebrity
  2. The disruptor
  3. The authority
  4. The analysts
  5. The Connector
  6. The insider
  7. The opinion leader
  8. The social butterflies
  9. The brand advocate
  10. The discoverer
  11. The activist
  12. The expert
  13. The biased
  14. The trendsetter
  15. The journalist
  16. The sharer

Influencer Marketing Tool

To let your product, reach a higher level in the market, you may make use of this influencer marketing tool. There are many influencer marketing tools which help brands find contacts and let them work with a suitable social media influencer. This tool provides information about the influencers on their estimated social reach, user engagement, rates, etc.

Pros and cons of Influencer Marketing tools

Looking at the advantages first. You will be provided with your desired influencer as easily as possible. You are also given data tracking and elementary insights. It displays data on many of social media platforms. You will be given audience response regarding the influencer. You can also discover new channels and influencers. Influencer Marketing tool looks helpful in looking up for individuals with their complete contact details.

Now comes the disadvantages of using influencer marketing tool. The organization of data will not be presented in a good manner. Brand owners will face difficulty in identifying which data is relevant. Furthermore, there is no critical analysis found on the influencers.

How to use an influencer marketing tool?

All you need to do is type the name of the influencer you are looking for. After processing, it will display the contact details including email addresses and further information. You will be free to contact them and hire them.

List of the best Social Media Influencer Marketing Tools to use in 2017

The following bullets are some of the famous Influencer Marketing tools which will help you in looking for your desired individual. By going to these applications, you will get all the contacts regarding the company or individual you have searched for.

  1. Adobe Spark (Best used for: Content curation)
  2. Buzzstream (Best used for: Research, prioritize, and find contact information)
  3. CalendarX (Best used for: Live events promotion)
  4. gifs (Best used for: Creating custom GIFs or turning your videos into GIFS)
  5. HYPR (Best used for: Social influencer marketing)
  6. Iconosquare (Best used for: Instagram Analytics and Marketing)
  7. Kred (Best used for: Track and increase your own online influence)
  8. Klout (Best used for: Social media branding)
  9. Little Bird (Best used for: Find influencers for any topic)
  10. Muck Rack (Best used for: Receive alerts and build media lists)
  11. Onalytica (Best used for: Identify key influencers and engage them)
  12. OpenSlate (Best used for: Online video statistics)
  13. Panda 5 (Best used for: Content curation)
  14. Quuu (Best used for: Content curation)
  15. Rebrandly (Best used for: Social media branding)
  16. Refind (Best used for: Content curation)
  17. Rocketium (Best used for: Short video creation)
  18. SocialBlade (Best used for: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, & Instagram Statistics)
  19. Tubular Labs (Best used for: Content curation)
  20. Yotpo Curation (Best used for: Content curation for Instagram)
  21. Zest (Best used for: Content curation)

Working with influencers make your work a lot easier. By hiring and working with celebrities, you will have a high level of the market for your product. The product you have introduced will be sold at a greater rate than before you have hired a person to promote it. You can look for different Influencer Marketing stories which will give you a larger insight of how it leaves a result.

These are the best economies to be a social entrepreneur, 2017

These are the best economies to be a social entrepreneur, 2017

1. United States
2. Canada
3. India
4. United kingdom
5. Singapore
6. Israel
7. South Korea
8. Hong Kong
9. Malaysia
10. France

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