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These Are The 50 Best Jobs In America For 2017, According To Employees

Data scientist

It’s not surprising that tech, finance, and health care professions dominate the list. A site that collects workplace reviews from employees, Glassdoor, has compiled a list of the 50 best jobs in America, for 2017. The ranking system is based on on three criteria: earnings potential as measured by median base salary, career advancement opportunities, and the number of openings for a given job function.

What’s the best job in America right now?

With a median base salary of $110,000, Data scientist took the top spot for 2017. Following closely behind are DevOps Engineer (No. 2) and Data Engineer (No. 3), with Job Satisfaction scores of 4.2 and 4.3, respectively. Other jobs further down the list have fared well, too.

The top 5 also included Tax Manager, Analytics Manager, HR Manager, Database Administrator, Strategy Manager, UX Designer, and Solutions Architect. (Sorry kids, but astronaut, rock star, and baseball player don’t make a showing.)

How does your job rank on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best)?

These Are the 50 Best Jobs for 2017

RankJobs titleJob OpeningsMedian Base Salary Job Satisfaction
1Data Scientist4,184$110,0004.4
2DevOps Engineer2,725$110,0004.2
3Data Engineer2,599$106,0004.3
4Tax Manager3,317$110,0004.0
5Analytics Manager1,958$112,0004.1
6HR Manager4,339$85,0003.8
7Database Administrator2,877$93,0003.8
8Strategy Manager1,184$130,0004.3
9UX Designer1,691$92,5004.0
10Solutions Architect2,232$125,0003.7
11Marketing Manager3,875$90,0003.7
12Occupational Therapist14,897$72,0003.7
13Audit Manager1,887$98,0003.8
14Electrical Engineer3,643$78,0003.7
15Nurse Practitioner15,634$100,0003.5
16Software Engineer17,085$101,0003.5
17Corporate Recruiter2,858$60,0004.2
18Supply Chain Manager1,270$100,0003.9
19Finance Manager3,142$116,0003.6
2Mechanical Engineer3,383$76,0003.7
21Communications Manager1,332$82,0004.0
22QA Manager2,531$92,0003.7
23Controls Engineer1,756$75,4003.9
24Nurse Manager6,71077,0003.6
25Compliance Manager1,104$100,0003.9
26Mobile Developer2,130$85,0003.7
27Systems Administrator4,046$68,0003.7
28Executive Assistant3,946$56,0003.8
29Technical Account Manager1,968$66,0003.9
30Hardware Engineer954$108,0003.9
31Intelligence Analyst1,605$62,4004.2
32Product Manager5,536$107,0003.4
35Compensation Analyst Job Openings
36Civil Engineer2,004$65,2003.8
37Research Engineer1,006$92,8503.8
38Accounting Manager3,392$82,0003.5
39Information Security Engineer1,247$100,0003.7
40Manufacturing Engineer2,504$70,0003.7
41Security Analyst2,464$70,0003.7
42Business Operations Manager1,009$93,0003.8
43UI Designer950$80,0004.0
44Pharmacy Manager2,652$130,0003.5
45Supplier Quality Engineer862$80,1504.0
46National Sales Manager937$90,0003.8
47Business Intelligence Developer837$83,0003.9
48Dental Hygienist1,050$66,0004.1
49Physical Therapist24,579$70,0003.5
50Construction Project Manager1,944$85,0003.6

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