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The 14 Types Of Annoying Passengers That You Will Encounter During Flights, Airline Survey 2017

The most annoying airline passengers

If you are planning the journey of a lifetime or even just a quick weekend getaway, you might want to keep an eye out for these types of annoying air passengers. For the 3rd year in a row, “Rear Seat Kicker” have earned the dubious distinction of being the No. 1 most offensive type of airline passenger.

Rear-seat kickers need no explanation: we all know who they are – a whopping 64% of the 1005 travellers surveyed hate them the most. In 2nd place are inattentive parents — if you travel with children (we know it’s no piece of cake), try to keep control of their kicking and screaming.. In 3rd position are people who simply stink.

The next two types of annoying passengers (tied for 4th place) are – “The Audio Insensitive” types who talk too loud or turn the volume up way too high, and “The Boozer” types who drink too much. These types of travellers, among others, are the worst airline passengers to share a flight with.

Here’s a list of the top 14 types of annoying passengers that you will encounter during flights.

1The Rear Seat Kicker64%
2Inattentive Parents59%
3The Aromatic Passenger55%
4The Audio Insensitive49%
5The Boozer49%
6Chatty Cathy40%
7The Queue Jumper35%
8Seat-Back Guy35%
9The Armrest Hog34%
10Pungent Foodies30%
11The Undresser28%
12The Amorous28%
13The Mad Bladder22%
14The Single and Ready to Mingle18%

What annoys you most on a plane? Let us know in the comments.

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