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4 Ways CEOs and Brands Can Improve How they Look through Social Media

Just like how every CEO should have a blog, it’s also just as important to have a solid social following in the process. With over a billion active users across all of the major social networks, this can be a perfect opportunity for business owners and CEOs to take advantage of the massive reach and branding offered through social media. To help with this process, today I’m going to provide you with five different examples of not only how this can be done, but also some useful tools and resources that can be used in the process.

No matter what type of business owner, CEO or entrepreneur you might be, you need to take advantage of the different ways to connect to people around the world. While connecting with such audiences, it’s also important to make sure you are representing your company or brand in the right way as well. Social media is the perfect platform for accomplishing this, and below you will see some great examples of how large and small CEOs and brands are accomplishing this today.

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Create Content Based Around Your Product and Customers

As the CEO or founder of a company, you should be very proud of the business and products you represent. This is something that you should also be sharing with your online and social audience. To make this concept even more exciting and creative, don’t just try post customer testimonials or feedback, try to get fun with the process and think of what you’d like to see if you were a potential follower or customer of your own brand.

Check out this resource guide to see some great examples of user generated content that worked extremely well through social media. Not only were many of these examples from real customers that purchased products or services, they also helped relate with a real social audience as well.

Treat your social audience like a real person and give them something they would want to see, versus just another standard commercial or advertisement.

CEOs Can Humanize a Brand and Make an Instant Impact

How many times have you heard about a famous entrepreneur, celebrity or personality go on to launch a business or brand of their own? It happens all the time. However, what most people don’t really think about is how they likely would have never heard about this new company or brand if the person behind it wasn’t there to spread this news.

CEOs and business owners should be using social media to humazine companies and brands in the world today. While we all know the stores and brand symbols of Walmart, Target, Sears and Jeep, we don’t really know about the people behind them… so to most of us, they are just a company.

However, look at brands like Apple, Facebook, Zappos, Virgin Airlines and Amazon… all of them have outspoken CEOs and Founders that are knowing for starting such companies and getting them to where they are today. This all falls into place in the business-to-consumer relationship and makes it more real to their audience and social following.

Continue the Look and Feel of Your Brand onto Social Media

Even though social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are outside sites to your own online store or brand, that doesn’t mean you need to have a completely different look or feel. Actually, if you are trying to go with a completely different look and feel on your social accounts, it could be confusing your audience and potentially even losing them in the mix.

Take a look at the Coca-Cola website and then their profile on Facebook. They are nearly identical. The same holds true for their Facebook and other social profiles as well. The branding and colors are consistent across the board. Plus, they also have over a hundred million fans!

Try to accomplish this same seamless color and branding scheme with your social profiles, and your audience will continue to recognize and associate content with your brand. Each social network is unique in how they allow customization and what logos and designs can be added. Check out this social media branding resource to see how your brand can start getting the most out of it’s social media reach.

Have a Personal Profile for Your Own Account and One for the Brand

In addition to having a social media profile for your business or brand, it’s important that you also have one for yourself as well. There are many reasons why you would want to set this up immediately.

  • Build your own personal following outside of your brand
  • Show off your own updates, life experiences, and expertise
  • Make yourself more accessible to new audiences
  • Have a voice for yourself outside of your company position

A perfect example of this can be seen with Marc Cuban. Yes, he owns the Dallas Mavericks and other big businesses… but it’s through his personal profiles that he can speak his own mind and build a personal following.

This is a component that everyone should be following… not just entrepreneurs and business owners. Use social media to build a voice and platform for yourself and watch it grow over time.

CEO Must Take Advantage of Social Media has to Offer

As you can see in the examples and resources above, social media is quite a powerful beast when you know how to use it correctly.

Take the time to look through each of the resources and recommendations above to see how you can use your expertise and skills to make your business and brand even better. Way too many CEOs and founders are nervous to put themselves out there, but it can make a world of a difference in the new online and social world we live in today.

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