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How to Skyrocket Your Product Success With These Smart Online Marketing Hacks

Product marketing

Each and every day, someone is trying to launch a product. More than that, every entrepreneur hopes that their particular product will get viral and make them rich. Funny fact: it almost never works they way they’re expecting. In order to launch a popular and a successful product, there are many key ingredients that must be “prepared” with much care.

One of the biggest factors is the quality of the product, its applications, and also its proprieties. The second biggest aspect is the product promotion. If your campaigns attract people’s attention, you’re on to the next step: you have to convince your potential customer that the product he’s going to purchase from you is really worth it.

The product launch phase is a truly influential component of your overall brand awareness improvement efforts and marketing campaigns. During today’s article, we’ll talk about few important marketing strategies that are possible through the use of content. To be more exact, you’ll use a blog in order to reach thousands of people who might just be interested in your unique product.

Word-of-Moth or Social Transmission Marketing

More than often, the products that we choose to share with our friends and colleagues have already caught our attention. It may be the story behind the product or its awesome features. The social transmission phenomenon has always been present. People like to share their most exciting stories, thoughts, products, and solutions.

If we, as businessmen and marketers, can influence the way people perceive our products, we have a lot of chances of making our products viral. Aim for emotions. Make your brand’s and product’s story so impressive that they can’t resist spreading the word. Word-of-mouth marketing is often more effective than the traditional advertising, and that’s because the awareness spreading process is way more targeted.

People will speak with their friends about certain products only if they believe that it’s relevant to that specific person and situation. Word-of-mouth marketing and social transmission start from your efforts to give your product something worth talking about. It may be its amazing qualities or its amazing price.

Start networking with influential individuals and connect with them. Explain them your idea and observe how open they are about it. You can scale the process and ask well-known people share the word. You can also target specific professions. For example, if you’re selling baby products, visit every hospital in which babies are born and approach the nurses with your offer.

These were some general examples, but the main point is to socially transmit your product idea up to the point where other individuals will promote it themselves.

Provide Awesome Value through In-Depth Made Articles

Since ever, written content has been consumed by everyone. Nowadays, because of the digital marketing trends and the social media boom, marketers can take advantage of a huge amount of options. We can choose to promote our products in so many ways, but all with a risk. If we choose the right methods, we can succeed. If we don’t, the process will be prolonged.

Writing awesome articles is a good tactic to make your readers interested in your products. If they perceive you as an expert, if they receive enough education about a specific subject, and if the perfect solution (your product) is recommended at the end of the pitch, your sales numbers will look different.

Creating unique, efficient, and valuable articles is not an easy task. You should aim for 2000+ words, as the search engines now prefer longer content. Take into consideration the SEO aspects, but aim for your target audience. Write for the people, not for the SERPS.

Pay Close Attention to Your Headlines and Content Structure

As advertisers and marketers have become extremely “aggressive” in their approach during the last several years, customers now have bigger attention protection than ever before. We’re used to ignoring ads, banners, and basically anything that tries to sell us something.

By crafting well-thought and interesting content headlines, you have better chances of capturing the initial attention.

Let’s not forget that your main purpose is to get people to read your content, share it, and possibly become your long-term followers and customers. You should also be careful with how you organize your content structure. People often skim through articles, so if they see a block of text and uninteresting sub-headings, they’ll often leave before even starting the first phrases of your article.

In order to make your headlines effective, start with this process. Think of a strong emotion that your target audience will experience when they come across your article headline. It could be curiosity, fear, surprise, or anything that could spark their interest. Create a few headlines and start testing each of them. In time, you’ll get to know your reader’s preferences and therefore adapt to the situation.

Convert Your Prospects into Long-Term Subscribers and Customers

Allowing your blog visitors to leave your blog before even giving them a “come-back proposition” is a huge waste of time, effort, and money. In order to make the most out of your website traffic, I’d suggest developing an e-mail marketing campaign. When they visit your website, make certain that you ask them to join your e-mail newsletter. Offer them an incentive, such as a free e-book (related to your product) or exclusive deals (also related to your product).

When you can get in touch with a customer in a matter of minutes, your business earning potential will truly improve. Maybe the product that you’re currently launching is not going to last, but your connection with the customer will. When launching the second product, you can immediately let your previous buyers know that you’re back in business!

You can use Aweber or Mailchimp; they’re two of the best e-mail marketing services around the web. They’ll help you learn everything you need to know about launching an e-mail marketing campaign around your products. Here is one useful resource, though.


Being successful is not easy, and neither is the launch of a successful product. Blogging and content marketing can truly benefit your business by creating a huge online exposure. The moment people acknowledge your product and its unique value proposition, the moment you’ll be able to convert them into customers using your sales pitches.

Remember, everything that you’ve just read is totally useless if you fail to take proper action. Make a plan, commit to it, and then start working. Work hard and smart, consistent action towards a purpose is the only way you can make your goals a reality. Good luck with your business adventures!

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