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20 Facts That Every Video Marketer And CEO Needs To Know [Infographic]

Video marketing has been growing at an amazing rate but, with the advances in technology and the reduced cost of equipment, that growth will be eclipsed by what will happen in this area over the two to three years.
Any company that is looking to not only maintain it’s market share but also to increase it, needs to significantly improve their video production capability, raise their marketing budgets and look to increase the quality and quantity of the video marketing output, otherwise, they could find themselves left behind.
This is what Juan Rutz / CEO of one of the fastest growing video marketing firms in the U.S. – Rutz Roberts Production LLC and their Head of Business Development / CFO – Martin Borer – had this to say “2017 is the year that you need to take big creative steps forward in establishing your business within the video internet marketing revolution. What used to be a future reality conversation is here right now and this new reality is currently setting the stage for the future of marketing.  It is your company’s call to action to use all these tools with a strong creative vision to establish your business in the medium that has already replaced television and print.  Your corporate marketing ROI is directly connected to your video marketing DNA.”
Both the demand and the effectiveness of video are increasing, and for those of you who are not yet convinced, here are 20 things that every video marketer needs to know, which also serve as 20 reasons why CEO’s should be looking to significantly increase their video marketing budgets in 2017.
20 Fact That Every Video Needs To Know infographic
Remember the cell phone, a few years ago businesses ran fine without them, now any business that didn’t use it or incorporate it into their business would be deemed a dinosaur, and would be leaving themselves open to extinction, and the same is true of those companies that don’t embrace Video Marketing.
The current level of your companies video marketing doesn’t really matter, there is still time to not only catch up but also try and dominate, but you need to start to take action in 2017.

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