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Tips To Combat Nervousness In Job Interviews

Best Job Interview Tips

Stop cracking your knuckles, it’s just an interview!

Here you are, waiting to hear your name for the interview-call and all that echoes in your ear is the thumping of your own heart. Your knees have gone weak, your palms are all sweaty and you can feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach. How do you expect to excel the interview when you couldn’t calm those jitters?

Take a pause. Just don’t drain your brain into it!

As I said before, it’s just an interview. Relax your mind, be composed and try to incorporate as many tactics as possible to relieve this pent-up stress. Before heading out, just give these five behavioral interview tips a try to boost your confidence and say goodbye to that uncalled nervousness.

  1. Know thyself

    Feeling nervous about the interview? Why don’t you strike up a conversation with yourself? Talk to yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t know yourself, how would you convince your probable employer to hire you? Rehearse an imaginary interview scenario, assess yourself according to it and form a conclusion about the necessary changes required in your presentation to make it better.

    Pro Tip: Try Mirror Talking!!
    To be honest, mirror talking worked wonders with me during my interview days. This is a sure shot way to not only boost up your self-confidence but also enhance your vocal skills. Have a little chit-chat with yourself and you’ll see the wonders of this effective technique.

  2. Fill Yourself With Positivity

    Having a positive approach towards everything has never harmed anyone. Keep all the negative thoughts at bay before you enter the interview room. Keep it in mind that this is not the last interview and the job is obviously not the only one remaining on this planet. Opportunities will always be there only if you look closely.  Be an optimist! Believe in yourself and things will definitely fall in the right place.

    Pro Tip: “I Know I Can Do It!!!”
    Recite this phrase in your head as many times as possible and you’ll see the butterflies that were fluttering in your tummy, slowly fade away. If you believe you can do it, then my friend, you will definitely achieve success.

  3. Don’t Forget, You Have Homework To Do!

    Make use of the ‘world wide web’ and extract all the details about the organization. When you know about the organization well in advance, it would definitely surge your confidence to another level. You would not have to search for words when asked about the organization.

    Pro Tip: Avoid asking-“What does this organization actually do?”
    This is a forbidden phrase in any kind of interview. Be sure to never use it while you are on the hot seat. Do your homework, read about the organization and act all confident.

  4. Be Proud Of Who You Are

    Whatever qualifications you have or however you look, just be proud of ‘who you are’! Be yourself and you can take on the world with that confidence. Don’t try to be someone that you are not. Trying to be someone that you are not may increase the pressure on your head and add on to the nervousness.

    Pro Tip: Avoid using big and complicated words
    Many people try to fake it out in an interview and use an altogether different language to impress the interviewer. Stop doing that! Don’t dig into the dictionary to find complicated words, just use you common language and wipe out the pressure.

  5. Give Stress-relieving Exercises A Try

    If you are still feeling stressed out and nervous before the interview, take a stress-busting break. Close your eyes- breathe in- and breathe out..! You can easily relieve your nerves by focusing on your breathing pattern. Take deep breaths and notice the change.

    Pro Tip: Listen to some music:
    Try listening to some soothing music if you feel stressed out. Listening to music is recommended by various psychologists. It is a kind of therapy that awakens your senses and calms down your mind and soul.

Interviews do make us weak at the knees, but you just can’t afford to act all baffled up. Calm your mind and incorporate the tips mentioned above to boost up your self-confidence.

Good luck! Remember, you have come so far, you can easily achieve the job you want!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Tips To Combat Nervousness In Job Interviews
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