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How Live Audio/Video Streaming Will Change Live Marketing on Social Media in 2017

Digital marketing is an extremely powerful and effective psychological interface used for designing exciting user experiences with your product/services. Gone are the days of traditional digital marketing practices, now the world of digital marketing is fast switching to live marketing on social media websites on a global scale.

What is Live Marketing and Live Streaming?

Live marketing is a technical digital marketing medium. This medium designs new experiences about your brand, product or services for your current or targeted users from the psychological perspective on social media websites. The main purpose of live marketing is to help your brand product or services get instantly recognized for lead data collection resulting in increase in sales and ROI (Return on Investment).

As for live streaming, it is the process of transmission or receiving of audio/video content on internet.

Brands are Embracing Live Marketing and Live Streaming:

AT&T, a leading mobile service provider in United States, is the best example of this. The company has taken various steps to market services or products through live marketing on mobile devices. As for the reason, the number of users streaming data online from their mobile devices is consistently increasing on daily basis, says say Mr. Bill Boards, The President of AT&T Indiana.

Famous companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Forbes, Nike etc. are utilizing live video streaming as an essential part of their Neuromarketing strategy. They are researching carefully about the behavior of their current or targeted audience by getting in touch with them through live video streaming on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Even NASA and Google are using live video streaming, and Facebook itself is using it.

Businesses are switching to Live Marketing. But How?

Almost every big company in the world is switching to live business marketing via live stream videos on social media platforms. Again, companies like Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T can be considered a great example of it.

They are reaching their customers on social media through live videos for following reasons:

  • To answer queries of their customers on global scale
  • For making an announcement about any new product or services
  • Interview an industry expert to help their customers seek solutions to any problem related to their products or services.
  • To tell them about the happenings of any live event conducted by them.
  • To let them know their care for their customers.
  • They engage customers with every service/product or anything they do.
  • For improvement in customer’s interaction experience with their brand/product or services.
  • Live marketing on social media does not require hefty financial investment. Instead, an HD camera or Mobile will with HD Camera quality can help any business owner record a video of good quality for promoting brand on any social media platform.
  • Tracking of analytics is easy.
  • Live marketing on social media platforms makes content reusable and engages customers with ease.
  • It the easiest method for generating millions of organic views/likes/comments or even clicks on social media platforms.
  • Live marketing on social media websites generates almost 137% extra organic reach as compared to SEO or any other marketing technique.
  • Users from across the globe spend almost 101 million hours on watching live streaming videos on Facebook and twitter on daily basis. This increases the chance of organic traffic or lead conversion on the website of any business owner.
  • Most importantly, it makes use of technically concise content to perfection and plays an important role to help companies stand out to reach global audience.

What Makes Live Marketing Possible/Successful on Social Media

Live marketing can boost your lead generation and improve Return on Investment. This could be possible on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter by live streaming of videos directed towards engaging the targeted audience.

Wait! Don’t judge the book by its cover.

Only streaming of live videos don’t make live marketing possible on social media website. Live streaming of videos on any social media website alone does not help. There are a lot more factors that make live marketing on social media website essential or successful for any business. Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Almost 119 billion active Facebook users on daily basis.
  • All of these users tend to spend almost 21 minutes on Facebook every day.
  • Facebook live videos generate almost 8 billion views on daily basis.
  • By January 2016, Facebook users had collectively spent 101 million hours on watching live videos on Facebook.
  • Twitter is also an effective platform for live marketing through live of streaming of videos with 318 million users.
  • Twitter gets almost 121 million unique visits collectively from desktop and mobile users every month.

All these facts contribute to live marketing through live streaming of videos on social media websites. However, live marketing on social media websites is also subject to change or innovations like mutual fund share market schemes.

Live Video Streaming is Not the Only Thing for Business Promotion on Social Media

The world of business marketing through live streaming on social media websites has been revolutionized by Facebook. The company has come up with the decision to allow live streaming of audios on Facebook. This is definitely very beneficial for a lot of businesses promoting their products, services and business values.

Introduction live streaming of audio content or files on social media is all set to be the latest live marketing trend on social media website for businesses. It offers a bunch of benefits to businesses on through social media marketing strategy executed to perfection. Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Businesses will be able to reduce negative bounce rate on their website as users will stay there to listen to entire audio for a longer period of time.
  • Hassle-free buffering of data ensures develops user’s interest in listening to the complete audio file. The chances are that the user may prefer buying services after listening to the file.
  • Streaming content is very much like hosting on cloud where nothing gets downloaded on user’s system. This makes both live streaming of video and audio free of piracy for businesses.
  • Easy analytical tracking.
  • Cost effective.
  • Hassle-free development of communications with current and targeted audience residing in any part of the world.
  • Live streaming of audio can be used by any organization for airing web casts, podcasts, and music on digital front and even live seminars customers.

The Best Advice for Successful live Marketing on Social Media Websites:

The world of business is changing. The entire corporate world is fast switching to marketing live on mobile devices. The reasons are very simple. Most of the users nowadays like to stream content directly from their social media accounts using their smartphones. They don’t have time to get to their desktop at home or office to learn about anything they need or care for. Modern users like to stream content while they are on go. Moreover, modern mobile carriers ensure advertisements bases on their interest. This perfectly increases chances of increase in lead generation and Return on Investment. Therefore, including live marketing for mobile devices through live audio/video content streaming on social media websites is the best advice for any business to grow in 2017 and many years to come.

If you are a businessman marketing your products/services or business values on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter then you must take all this into consideration for the rapid growth of your business in 2017.

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