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25 Important Things That Graduate Admissions Tests Can’t Effectively Measure

Well, If you’re applying for graduate study in the US, especially a master’s program, you may be required to submit scores from one or more specialized or “standardized” graduate admissions tests. Is intelligence measurable? And if so, how do we measure it?

Unfortunately, specialized tests can measure only a portion of the goals of education, which are necessarily broader and more inclusive than the test could possibly be….

The problem is, specialized or “standardized” graduate admissions tests aren’t an accurate measure of the quality of a student’s education, or even of a student’s intellect. These tests often show inherent biases.

“Employing standardized achievement tests to ascertain educational quality is like measuring temperature with a tablespoon.” wrote W. James Popham in his essay, Why Standardized Tests Don’t Measure Educational Quality. There are so many important things that graduate admissions tests can’t effectively measure:

1. Civic-mindedness
2. Courage

3. Compassion
4. Curiosity

5. Creativity
6. Critical thinking

7. Endurance
8. Enthusiasm

9. Empathy
10. Honesty

11. Grit
12. Humility

13. Integrity
14. Leadership

15. Loyalty
16. Motivation

17. Persistence
18. Passion

19. Resilience
20. Reliability

21. Resourcefulness
22. Self-awareness

23. Self-discipline
24. Sense of beauty
25. Vision

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