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6 cities that could be in housing bubble, among 18 global financial centres, 2016

Not surprisingly, Vancouver in Canada is the world’s riskiest market for housing bubble, ranking number 1 in an index of 18 major cities facing the threat of a housing bubble after a surge in prices in the past 5 years, according to a report by Swiss bank UBS. In Vancouver, prices have risen more than 25% since the end of 2014.

Real Estate Bubble Index also named London, Stockholm, Sydney, Munich, and Hong Kong on the list. Of the 4 major global financial centres, bank said the risk of a bubble was on the rise only for London. House prices in London are at risk of falling sharply because they are grossly overvalued.

All European cities are overvalued, according to the report, apart from Milan.

The 2016 list of cities most at risk of real estate bubbles.

1. Vancouver
2. London
3. Stockholm
4. Sydney
5. Munich
6. Hong Kong

7. San Francisco
8. Amsterdam
9. Zurich
10. Paris
11. Geneva
12. Tokyo
13. Frankfurt

14. Singapore
15. Boston
16. New York
17. Milan
18. Chicago

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