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These are the 40 smartest people of all time

Albert Einstein

The top 40 who appear on this list of the world’s most intelligent people of all time were compiled by Libb Thims, a Chicago-based electrochemical engineer. The top five are: Johann Goethe, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Issac Newton, and James Maxwell.

The list shows the smartest man of all time is Johann Goethe.

He first compiled a list of people with “IQ”, or intelligence quotient scores over 200, then used IQ tests and attempted to estimate intelligence and notoriety. The original concept of IQ was developed by psychologist, William Stern, in a series of standardized tests that he published in 1912. Though it should be noted that, the list didn’t include geniuses such as Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking.

Here are 40 of the smartest people to walk the earth:

These are the 40 smartest people of all time

1Johann Goethe180-225
2Albert Einstein160-225
3Leonardo da Vinci180-220
4Issac Newton190-200
5James Maxwell190-205
6Rudolf Clausius190-205
7Nicolaus Copernicus160-200
8Gottfried Leibniz182-205
9William Sidis200-300
10Thomas Young185-200
11Carl Gauss250-300
12Galileo Galilei180-200
13Leonhard Euler180-200
14Nikola Tesla140-310
15William Shakespeare210
16François-Marie Arouet190-200
17Ettore Majorana183-200
18Emanuel Swedenborg165-210
19Christopher Hirata225
20John Stuart Mill180-200
21Terence Tao220-230
22Hypatia of Alexandria170-210
23Hugo Grotius200
24Thomas Wolsey200
25Marie Curie180-200
26Francis Galton200
27Kim Ung-Yong200-210
28Edith Stern200-203
29Dylan Jones200
30Sho Yano200
31Michael Grost200
32Naida Camukova200
33Michael Kearney200-325
34Adragon De Mello400
35Ainan Cawley263
36Marnen Laibow-Koser268
37Nathan Leopold200-210
38Christopher Langan174-210
39Marilyn vos Savant127-228
40Rick Rosner140-250

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