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The 15 Highest-Paying U.S. Cities For Information Security Professionals, 2016

It may come as a surprise that Minneapolis is the highest-paying city in America for information security professionals when taking into account the cost of living, according to the 2016 ranking by Indeed, the job search and company review site.

An information security specialist in Minneapolis make an “adjusted salary” of $127,757 a year, after looking at data on salaries as well as cost-of-living expenses. Seattle, home to tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Twitter, ranked No. 2 on the highest-paying list. The top 5 highest-paying U.S. cities on the list were Minneapolis, Minnesota; Seattle, Washington; San Francisco, California; Dallas, Texas; and Denver, Colorado.

Underpaid? Here are the 15 highest-paying U.S. cities for information security professionals:

Minneapolis ranks No. 1 on list of highest-paying cities in America for information security professionals.

RankCityStateAverage salary (adjusted)Average salary (unadjusted)
4San FranciscoCalifornia$119,346$149,744
8Salt Lake CityUtah$106,207$105,889
9New YorkNew York$102,271$131,623
10San JoseCalifornia$99,075$125,889
11San DiegoCalifornia$98,303$119,300
12WashingtonDistrict of Columbia$92,191$114,951
14Los AngelesCalifornia$86,072$104,584

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