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The Top 28 American Colleges With The Most Billionaire Alumni, 2016

It may come as a surprise to learn that the school with the most billionaire alumni isn’t Harvard. It’s another Ivy League institution, the University of Pennsylvania, according to a new report by Forbes magazine, which has ranked American colleges in terms of number of billionaire alumni.

Recession? What recession?

Want to be a billionaire? Consider these schools. Does your choice of college matter?

Penn has more billionaires among its alumni than any other university in the United States. 21 current billionaires have undergraduate or graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.

Harvard University and Yale University tie for the 2nd-highest number of alumni, with 14 apiece. The 4th-biggest billionaire producer is Stanford, that educated 13 billionaires, followed by the University of Southern California with 11 current billionaires.

The other universities in the top 10, in descending order: Cornell, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, and the University of Michigan.

Report also found that 108 of the 406 billionaires on The Forbes 400 list, 2015 — never received a bachelor’s degree at all.

Take a look to see which schools have the most super rich alums — the full list of the top 28 American schools below:

RankSchoolNumber of billionaires
1University of Pennsylvania21
2Harvard University14
3Yale University14
4Stanford University13
5University of Southern California11
6Cornell University9
7Princeton University7
8Columbia University6
9Dartmouth College6
10University of Michigan6
11Duke University5
12Massachusetts Institute of Technology5
13University of California, Los Angeles5
14Michigan State University4
15New York University4
16University of California, Berkeley4
17Amherst College3
18Claremont McKenna College3
19Southern Methodist University3
20University of Arizona3
21University of Arkansas3
22University of California, San Diego3
23University of Denver3
24University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign3
25University of Maryland3
26University of Tennessee, Knoxville3
27University of Texas, Austin3
28University of Washington3

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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