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Maximizing IT Personel Productivity Using Video Conferencing

Increasing employee productivity is a goal most companies attempt to achieve whether it’s through Six Sigma methodologies or the implementation of performanace based methods of encouraging better work ethics. Recently, there have been new developments in the IT industry that focus on the use of video conferencing as a means of boosting work place productivity by making certain operations and procedures more efficient and effective. While this may seem strange since the use of conf call for IT departments from providers like Blue Jeans are primarily for communicating across long distances, they can be used in a wide variety of workplace activities to increase efficiency.

Video Conferencing to Expedite Training

One of the best uses for this kind of technology is its ability in expediting training sessions for IT personnel. Companies need to keep their IT departments up-to-date when it comes to the latest technological and software developments. As a result, they often bring in outside trainers to help instill new skills into their employees. However, with French companies often having multiple IT departments across various regions and cities, this creates issues when it comes to the viability of establishing proper training sessions for all the personnel involved. This is why the use of video conference calls is thought of as a great way of increasing productivity by bringing the training to the employees via a digital format. IT personnel could connect to the necessary video conference and join in on the training session regardless of their current location. This ensures that training can be conducted at the same time and across multiple regions. This makes the entire process far more efficient and limits the cost associated with having to send the trainer to multiple locations.

Video Conferencing to Increase in Service Repair

IT personnel often encounter a situation where one of the employees in a company calls in stating that they are having a problem with their workstation. When someone is sent to check on the problem, it is usually not as severe as initially expected and could have been resolved by the employee at their desks. Instances like this can hamper the capacity of an IT department from doing its job, especially if the same case occurs across multiple departments. It is due to situations like this that the use of video conferencing can come in handy. Since video conferencing technology now allows people to access an online conference using their mobile phones, the IT department in a company could send an employee a link to their cell phone that they can use so that the IT personnel can take a look at the problem via the video conference call. It is at this point that they can relay the necessary instructions without having to go all the way to that person’s desk to fix the problem.

Video Conferencing for Collaboration

Due to the popularity of the outsourcing industry, companies often require different IT departments to handle a wide assortment of both local and international issues. This can range from maintaining the necessary servers to ensuring the switchboards and processes associated with handling multiple calls at the same time are done quickly and without error. However, maintaining such a system often requires constant surveillance and cooperation from the multiple departments involved. Sending emails and relying on phone conversations have limits and this is why video conferencing is often a preferred method of communication. Through the use of video conferencing, multiple departments can be on the same call and they can indicate exactly where the problem is on their end. This ensures that apparent problems can be resolved as they occur instead of waiting for an email response from the other department. Such immediate actions limits the potential damage from the situation and ensures that operations can go unimpeded.

Use in Evaluating Personnel

Aside from its use in everyday operations, other potential applications come in the form of evaluating potential personnel for the department. Yes, HR departments are ultimately responsible for all hiring activities, but there are cases where a IT department head is brought in during the hiring process so that they can determine whether someone is the right fit for the job. Since recruitment can occur from various areas in France, video conferencing has become an increasingly common way for an IT manager to examine the merits of a potential subordinate before they are included in the department.

All in all, this article has shown that there are numerous applications that video conferencing can have in improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of an IT department. Do note though that these are only some of the potential uses. More applications are being created on a yearly basis which companies should keep an eye out for so that they can take advantage of them.

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