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CEO Taking On 2nd Industry On Behalf Of End Users

Growing up in the basement of a 900 square foot home with carpet squares for a floor and sheets for walls, I was used to fighting for what I needed and wanted. Having worked since the age of 13, I was accustom to hard work but when I was 18, I heard my soon to be first mentor (he didn’t know that yet) speak about the importance of working smart, not just working hard. Not long after, I relocated to his city and started doing his landscaping and taking care of his pool to gain access to the mentorship I knew would change my life forever.

Without even knowing it I was being prepared for years later when I would hear my skeptics say it couldn’t be done, I would fail, and there was no way I could flip an entire business model upside down to truly benefit the end users. But I believed everyone deserved to have access to personal and professional mentorship to learn how to live his or her “greatest life.” While naysayers and competitors urged me not to put all my services under one umbrella for one low monthly fee, I believed this was the best way to reach people and inspire them to find their greatness and purpose which turned into what I call “The Power Of $9.90.” Using “The Power of $9.90,” I developed Mentorfish.com, which is now bringing thousands together from all over the world in an online social mentoring community to work towards goals of personal and professional development. In the industry of leadership and professional development, an industry known for outrageous event fees and continual upselling, Mentorfish.com has become the most affordable resource for leadership and professional development on the market.

As Mentorfish.com has continued to grow over the last half-decade, I also began to hear more and more conversations and news stories about the increasing rate of childhood obesity and how so many people struggle with the ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle. My cause-driven entrepreneurial mind immediately went into detective mode to look for symptoms and clues as to why the phenomenon existed. To my surprise, I found an incredible similarity between the fitness industry and the leadership industry. Once again I discovered entry barriers like expensive gym memberships (especially for the entire family), overpriced repetitive DVD programs, lack of connection and accountability, and an overall absence of convenient affordable quality resources.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out I had just found another industry that was in need of “The Power Of $9.90.” I thought to myself let the flipping begin! I began looking at the fitness industry as a way to spread the importance of mentorship as well as continue to prove that a business model dedicated to the end user could work and eliminate financial and time restrictions so that everyone everywhere had the opportunity to achieve their healthiest life. And that’s how LiveStreamingFitness.com was born!

Live Streaming Fitness was created to introduce the idea of mentorship into the fitness equation by offering an online social mentoring resource that provides a variety of live streaming fitness classes at home or for on the go users via mobile devices, computers, or Smart TV. Since early 2013, Live Streaming Fitness has continued to excel in its business model, reach more people, and expand and further its reach and impact.

Live Streaming Fitness now offers a variety of daily live streaming fitness classes, nutritional resources, and cooking classes. Our certified trainers, on-staff licensed nutritionists, and chefs offer live classes, chats, and other lifestyle resources…all for $9.90 per month. Prior to now, people and families have had to pay large amounts of money or expensive monthly fees to have access to gyms or receive the mentorship of personal trainers and nutritionists. Live Streaming Fitness is actively flipping that business model in the fitness industry and is growing by the thousands,

My mission statement is to educate everyone everywhere excluding no one to live his or her “greatest life.” I know from experience that means a life of risks and forcing myself to take the step no one else is willing to take. If that means attacking industries and flipping business models, then I will do it. Anytime I think that is impossible, I simply look at the pictures on my office wall of Henry Ford and Steve Jobs and remind myself that anytime you are willing to serve the end user in a way no one else is willing to do, the impossible becomes very possible.


Written by Keith Kochner. Known as “The Mentor”, Kochner has established a successful career as an international keynoter, trainer, and author, and today is one of the most “in demand” speakers. His ability to communicate and connect with audiences around the world, sharing his unique process for success, has made him one of the most effective catalysts of change for those looking to live their greatest life.

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