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10 Companies Leading The Fight To Curb Climate Change, Unilever And Elon Musk’s Tesla Tops

The consumer goods giant Unilever that owns a portfolio of over 400 brands, tops the list of companies leading the fight to curb climate change, according to the 2015 Climate Survey conducted by research consultancy GlobeScan and thinktank SustainAbility.

American electric automobile manufacturer Tesla Motors came in 2nd, while IKEA, the Swedish furniture retailer, tech giant Google, and industrial conglomerate General Electric tied for third place for its actions and strategies in fighting climate change.

Walmart, Toyota, Siemens, Apple, and solar-energy installer SolarCity rounded out the leaders list.

Unilever and Elon Musk’s Tesla have been identified by global sustainability experts as having made the biggest contribution to climate solutions over the past 5 years.

More than 600 sustainability experts from business, government, NGOs and academia in 69 countries around the world were polled for the report.

Top 10 Companies leading the fight on climate change and why these companies are seen as leaders on climate change?

1. Unilever

– Sustainability program and “green” factories.
– Clear mechanisms to limit carbon emissions.
– They look closely at all elements of their value chain.
– Chief executive Paul Polman has made bold statements and actions; other CEOs are just doing lip service.

2. Tesla

– Commitment to developing new renewable energy technologies.
– Winning market share and making other manufacturers invest heavily in electric cars.
– Electric cars that the masses actually want to buy.
– Combining good design with low emissions.
– Vision of its Founder and President Elon Musk.


– Investing in renewable energy around 1 billion euros, and have committed a tremendous amount of money to address climate change.
– Integrated low carbon strategy and delivering on ambitious commitments.
– Energy independence by 2020 (wind/solar).

4. Google

– Reducing its own footprint.
– Building solar farms to generate electricity.
– Pro-active on emission reductions.
– Created a tool to view climate change around the globe.

5. General Electric

– Showing that mitigating climate change is a profitable business opportunity.
– Role in climate change advocacy.
– Global influence.
– Stringent targets.
– R&D investments.

6. Walmart

7. Toyota

8. Siemens

9. Apple

10. Solar City

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