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Check Out the top 10 colleges & universities in the US, 2015 rankings for undergraduate programs

The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia tops College Factual‘s list for top ten “best universities and best colleges in the United States” for 2015, based on four-year undergraduate programs.

In a world where rankings matter for prestige and the ability to pull in highly lucrative international students, Yale University came in as the 2nd best in the United States on the 2015 list, Duke University at no. 3, Harvard University at no. 4, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at no. 5. Brown University and Stanford University came in at sixth and seventh.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 colleges and universities in the US, 2015 rankings.

1. University of Pennsylvania
Location: Philadelphia, Penn.
Acceptance rate: 9.9%
Full time professors: 96%

2.Yale University
Location: New Haven, Conn.
Acceptance rate: 6.3%
Full time professors: 71%

3. Duke University
Location: Durham, N.C.
Acceptance rate: 9.4%
Full time professors: 94%

4. Harvard University
Location: Cambridge, Mass.
Acceptance rate: 5.9%
Full time professors: 83%

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Location: Cambridge, Mass.
Acceptance rate: 7.9%
Full time professors: 82%

6. Brown University
Location: Providence, R.I.
Acceptance rate: 8.7%
Full time professors: 86%

7. Stanford University
Location: Stanford, Calif.
Acceptance rate: 5.1%
Full time professors: 90%

8. Princeton University
Location: Princeton, N.J.
Acceptance rate: 7.4%
Full time professors: 83%

9. Dartmouth College
Location: Hanover, N.H.
Acceptance rate: 10.3%
Full time professors: 81%

10. University of Notre Dame
Location: Notre Dame, Ind.
Acceptance rate: 21.2%
Full time professors: 89%

Interestingly earlier this year, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania was ranked #3 among the world’s top 100 business schools rankings, 2015 edition by CEOWORLD magazine. London Business School and Harvard Business School remained in the same places — ranking no. 1, and no. 2 respectively.

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