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The Top 5 Investments Every Executive Should Make

4. Invest in Your Customers

One of the biggest mistakes executives make in online business is creating products and services without taking your customer into consideration. Something seeming like a good idea doesn’t mean it’s proven and is market ready. Do the research. It may sound crazy, but if you aren’t willing to hire a market research company, then DIY. Follow your ideal customers online, in FB groups, learn where they shop and what they like to do. All of your insights should be answering their pain points and motivating your strategy. I can’t tell you the amount of clients I have had, who simply have no idea if their product or service is something that is in fact, desired.

Your customers are what will fuel your success. You need to invest in their interests, communicate with them and find out what problem they need solved so that you can deliver the solution. Essentially, investing in your customer is positioning yourself and your company as the answer to their problems. Which brings me to the most important investment for transforming your online business…

Think: http://peek.usertesting.com/ , Twitter search for industry hashtags, join forums like www.quora.com and www.reddit.com and ask for feedback through your own blog post comments.

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