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The Top 5 Investments Every Executive Should Make

2. Invest in Collaboration

You can’t do and be everything in your business. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

And you risk losing focus on what you do best. So often Executives who micro-manage end up shortchanging not just their clients but also themselves because they are squandering their own talents by not focusing on their zone of genius. So why not embrace collaboration?

Collaboration means accepting your weaknesses and building a team that compliments you by allowing you to leverage your greatest strengths. Collaboration also means surrounding yourself with a community of people who believe in your mission and vision to support your growth. Hiring people on contract in short term projects until cash flow can allow for long-term employees creates an influx of new and fresh ideas and perspectives that translate into more value for the clients and an increased bottom line.

Think: www.elance.com or www.freelancer.com for project specific hires, www.fiverr.com for logo and design and I’ve personally had a lot of luck by interacting in FB groups to find recommended virtual assistants, copywriters and developers by referral.

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