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Top 7 Richest Women In Technology: Female Tech Billionaires List, 2015

Only 7 women made it onto the list of the 100 richest tech billionaires in the world, 2015, the richest of whom is Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, ranked 9 with an estimated net worth of $21.4 billion.

Four of the 7 richest female tech billionaires are from the United States, while the others hail from Switzerland, China and Hong Kong. Women only accounted for 7% of the 100 richest tech billionaires.

The 6 other women on the list of “100 Richest Tech Billionaires from Around the Globe” are Chinese entrepreneur Zhou Qunfei Zhou Qunfei, ranking 30 with Net Worth: $7.5 billion, Dagmar Dolby, ranking 69 with Net Worth: $3 billion, Denise Coates, ranking 71 with Net Worth: $2.9 billion, Judy Faulkner, ranking 80 with Net Worth: $2.6 billion, Eva Maria Bucher-Haefner, ranking 82 with Net Worth: $2.5 billion, and Meg Whitman, ranking 95 with Net Worth: $2.2 billion.

Let us have a look at the top 7 richest women in technology: female tech billionaires list, 2015:

Meg Whitman

7. Meg Whitman, Net Worth $2.2 billion
The overall rank: 95
Age: 59
Origin of Wealth: Ebay
Country: United States

6. Eva Maria Bucher-Haefner, Net Worth $2.5 billion
The overall rank: 82
Age: 58
Origin of Wealth: Computer Associates
Country: Switzerland

Judy Faulkner

5. Judy Faulkner, Net Worth $2.6 billion
The overall rank: 80
Age: 71
Origin of Wealth: health IT
Country: United States

Denise Coates

4. Denise Coates, Net Worth $2.9 billion
The overall rank: 71
Age: 47
Origin of Wealth: online gambling
Country: United Kingdom

Dagmar Dolby

3. Dagmar Dolby, Net Worth $3 billion
The overall rank: 69
Age: 74
Origin of Wealth: Dolby Laboratories
Country: United States

Zhou Qunfei, who launched Lens Technology, is the richest women in China

2. Zhou Qunfei, Net Worth $7.5 billion
The overall rank: 30
Age: 45
Origin of Wealth: smartphone glass covers
Country: Hong Kong

Laurene Powell Jobs

1. Laurene Powell Jobs, Net Worth $21.4 billion
The overall rank: 9
Age: 51
Origin of Wealth: Apple, Disney
Country: United States

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