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Top 34 highest paid actors in the world of 2015

Robert Downey, Jr.

The Avengers star, Robert Downey Jr has topped Forbes magazine’s annual list of the top-earning actors of 2015, there are definitely a few surprise.

Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man in the Marvel superhero chronicles, made an estimated $80m over the past 12 months, beating out fellow Hollywood behemoths such as Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise, and Daniel Craig.

Probably the most surprising name on the list of highest paid film stars — Chinese actor and martial arts veteran, Jackie Chan comes in at #2, who Forbes reports he earned $50 million in the past year.

Jackie Chan came in ahead of Vin Diesel, who grabbed 3rd place with $47 million. I think Vin Diesel, will be on this list for the next few years due solely to his role in the Fast & Furious franchise franchise.

Rounding off the top 5 are Bradley Cooper, an insanely talented actor, and Pixels star Adam Sandler.

The rest of the top-10 were Amitabh Bachchan, with $33.5 million; Salman Khan, with $33.5 million, Akshay Kumar, with $32.5 million, and Mark Wahlberg, with $32 million.

Daniel Craig, who is married to actress Rachel Weisz, has become the only British actor to make it onto the list of highest paid stars of 2015. Daniel Craig, the James Bond actor, came in 15th on the list, earning $27 million.

For the first time, the list featured high-earning Bollywood stars, with four of the top 10 highest paid actors hailing from outside Hollywood.

The World’s Highest-Paid Actors 2015

1. Robert Downey, Jr. $80 million

2. Jackie Chan $50 million

3. Vin Diesel $47 million

4. Bradley Cooper $41.5 million

5. Adam Sandler $41 million

6. Tom Cruise $40 million

7. Amitabh Bachchan $33.5 million

7. Salman Khan $33.5 million

9. Akshay Kumar $32.5 million

10. Mark Wahlberg $32 million

11. Dwayne Johnson $31.5 million

12. Johnny Depp $30 million

13. Leonardo Dicaprio $29 million

14. Channing Tatum $29 million

15. Chris Hemsworth $27 million

15. Daniel Craig $27 million

17. Matthew McConaughey $26.5 million

18. Shah Rukh Khan $26 million

18. Will Smith $26 million

20. Matt Damon $25 million

21. Hugh Jackman $23 million

22. Ben Affleck $19.5 million

22. Liam Neeson $19.5 million

24. Chow Yun-fat $18 million

24. Russell Crowe $18 million

26. Seth Rogen $17 million

27. George Clooney $16.5 million

28. Brad Pitt $16 million

28. Jonah Hill $16 million

30. Will Ferrell $15 million

30. Ranbir Kapoor $15 million

32. Chris Evans $13.5 million

33. Chris Pratt $13 million

33. Andy Lau $13 million

*Note: Magazine said the 34 highest-paid actors, who come from seven countries, “earned a combined $941 million before taxes and fees between June 1, 2014 and June 1, 2015”.

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