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The 25 best universities in the world: 2015 list

Unsurprisingly, Harvard University was ranked the world’s No. 1 institution, followed by Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, by the Jeddah-based think tank (The Center for World University Rankings; CWUR), which publishes global university rankings.

Harvard University placed by category: publications, 1st; citations, 1st; influence, 1st; broad impact, 1st; patents, 3rd; alumni employment, 1st; quality of education, 1st; and quality of faculty, 1st, according to the 2015 list.

University of Cambridge secured 4th place, University of Oxford came in at No. 5 and Columbia University clinched 6th spot. Rounding off the top 10 list, University of California, Berkeley came in at No. 7, University of Chicago came in at 8, Princeton University secured 9th place, while Cornell University was ranked 10.

Of the 1,000 universities on the list, the U.S. was most heavily represented with 229 schools. China came next (83), followed by Japan (74), the United Kingdom (65), Germany (55) and France (49).

In compiling its list, the Center for World University Rankings grades each university across eight criteria: Quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, the number of research papers tied to a given university, the influence of those papers, its “broad impact”, and the number of international patent filings associated with each university.

The following 25 best universities in the world: 2015 list:



 Institution Country/Region National


 Quality of




 Quality of


 Publications Influence Citations Broad


 Patents Score
1Harvard UniversityUSA111111113100
2Stanford UniversityUSA292453341098.66
3Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUSA3311215222197.54
4University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom1210511612134896.81
5University of OxfordUnited Kingdom271310712791596.46
6Columbia UniversityUSA4136913131112496.14
7University of California, BerkeleyUSA55216104472992.25
8University of ChicagoUSA6111481716122214190.70
9Princeton UniversityUSA741537225243322589.42
10Cornell UniversityUSA8121814241525221186.79
11Yale UniversityUSA910261118835204986.61
12California Institute of TechnologyUSA106328753919251384.40
13University of TokyoJapan11633814193129778.23
14University of PennsylvaniaUSA11204288181491477.60
15University of California, Los AngelesUSA1228271361486976.91
16Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA1318841641153271.60
17Kyoto UniversityJapan2221624304288601668.60
18New York UniversityUSA14322218472946324368.39
19University of Michigan, Ann ArborUSA1524171403206141268.36
20Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in ZurichSwitzerland1176417442739795766.93
21University of California, San DiegoUSA1636567+1916515151766.59
22Northwestern UniversityUSA1716312104273427264266.56
23Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael11516415120973681433565.71
24Seoul National UniversitySouth Korea1367+9218+36163146112664.82
25University of Wisconsin–MadisonUSA18292934212422272764.51

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