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The top 15 highest-paid female chief executives in America in 2014: Women CEOs

Unsurprisingly, Marillyn Hewson, the head of defense giant, Lockheed-Martin, was the highest-paid chief executives in America in the Wall Street Journal study. She took the No. 11 spot on that list and the No. 1 spot on the female CEOs list.

Hewson compensation was almost $5 million more that of the next-highest earner on the list – Carol Meyrowitz of discount retailer TJX Companies.

Still, there is a big caveat: There are far fewer female CEOs than males among 300 large U.Scompanies with at least $9.1 billion in revenue. The study of 300 CEOs included 15 women.

Click ahead to see the top 15 highest-paid female CEOs in America in 2014. What do they have in common besides big jobs, big paychecks and gender?

1. Hewson, Marillyn A., Lockheed Martin    
Overall Pay Rank – 11
Total Pay – $33.7 Million

Hewson earned $33.7 million last year, up 33.9 percent from 2013.

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