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Meet The 4 Indian Women Featured On Forbes “100 Most Influential Women” List

4 Indian women have made it to Forbes’ list of world’s 100 most powerful women, sharing the honour with high-achievers such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates.

State Bank of India chairperson Smt Arundhati Bhattacharya has been ranked 30th on the list, followed by ICICI Bank managing director and chief executive officer Chanda Kochhar on the 35th spot, Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar- Shaw (85) and newcomer on the list HT Media Chair Shobhana Bhartia is on the 93rd spot.

Two women of Indian-origin PepsiCo Chief Indra Nooyi and Cisco Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior also make the list.

1. Arundhati Bhattacharya (State Bank of India chairperson) (# 30 this year; was ranked 36th last year)

About Arundhati Bhattacharya, SBI Chief, magazine said that Arundhati manages a 2,20,000 employees spread across 16,000 branches all over India.

With 22 crore customers of State Bank of India, she is responsible for assets worth $400 billion.”

Magazine also added the fact Ms Bhattacharya pioneered and implemented a unique sabbatical policy for women employees, wherein they can get 2 years of maternity leave.

2. Chanda Kochhar (ICICI Bank managing director and chief executive officer) (#35 this year; was ranked 43rd last year)

Chanda Kochhar has been appreciated for spreading mobile banking in deep, rural areas, which has brought a unique transformation among Indian women.

3. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw (Biocon founder) (#85 this year; was ranked 92nd last year)

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has been appreciated for turning Biocon into India’s largest publicly traded biopharmaceutical company.

The 62-year-old founded Biocon in 1978 and turned it from a small industrial-enzymes company to India’s largest publicly traded biopharmaceutical company, which and distributes its products in 85 countries around the world, Forbes said.

4. Shobhana Bhartia (HT Media chairperson) (New Entrant; 93rd spot)

The remaining two are women of Indian origin:

– Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo Chief )

– Padmasree Warrior (Cisco Chief Technology and Strategy Officer) – Padmasree Warrior has  dropped in the rankings this year to 84 on the list from 71 last year.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been ranked at 59th among the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2015.”

Here is the top 10 list of those women who are considered as the most powerful in the world:

1. Angela Merkel (German chancellor)
2. Hillary Clinton (US Politician, wife of Bill Clinton and Presidential hopeful for 2016
3. Melinda Gates (wife of Bill Gates and philanthropist)
4. Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Chair)
5. Mary Barra (GM CEO)
3. Christine Lagarde (IMF Chief)
7. Dilma Rousseff (Brazilian President)
8. Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO)
9. Susan Wojcicki (YouTube CEO)
10. Michelle Obama (wife of Barrack Obama)

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