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Why your Marketing Content needs an awesome Curb Appeal?

Amplified bounce rates, little retention, reduced media-craze, people put-off and the consequence – lesser investors. Well! This is what one can anticipate from a poorly designed website or an app.

Fashion is fittingly termed as fashion for a reason – Coz it creates buzz! It tempts attention! Likewise, design trends are synonym to design fashion.

The unique style is of course significant; however, fashion can constantly be adapted to integrate a definite style.

What does a ‘Curb-Appeal’ mean?

Attractive aesthetics are the genuine ‘Curb-Appeal’ of your product, app or website. Now in case, you’ve ever sold a property, then you will surely know the significance of what ‘Curb-Appeal’ is!

In actual fact, a home property which crafts a nice impression right from the front road has got a ‘Curb-Appeal’. Professional Real Estate agents often recommend home sellers to spend in a tad on landscaping, coat their fence with fresh paint and do ensure their windows sparkle. Why so?

This is due to the fact that a big percentage of home purchasers make their mind up whether or not to look inside the house or even consider it seriously, just on the basis of what they view when they drive-by.

Now probably you would be thinking – What does this got to do with Content Marketing!

The ever desired ‘Design Element’:

I sternly hold the view that business content does require Curb Appeal! The most remarkable focus-matter of yours will simply remain unobserved in absence of a striking reason for someone to unwrap it.

Catchy headlines do play their part in attracting readers to begin reading. Numerous paper and space have been specifically dedicated to prepare writers for the art of scripting the ‘Perfect Headline’!

But what’ll compel anyone to single out your brochure only! And essentially read it! What’s the factor which never fails to encourage anyone to hang on frequently at your particular website!

It’s the Design element!

High-quality design magnetizes Human Eyes for sure!

Content lacking Design:

Based on my personal experiences, I am pretty sure now that quality content often becomes pale in case it’s lacking design. And until you furnish it with a Curb Appeal, your content will always remain unnoticed or even ignored.

This is why popular blog-posts hold more and more quality pictures. We humans are primarily visual beings; therefore, bare types on white sheet/screen don’t stir us that easy!

Collect the similar info and then format it using attractive colors, eye-catching images and a simple communicative layout. Your content, to which no one really bothered earlier, suddenly begins to receive a lot of traffic!

Generating Your Company’s Assets:

Your content devoid of design is nothing more than a dormant content. And design is what triggers life into it and assists in getting it noticed and is the foremost vital step to let your information grasped by the people you wish to show it to.

And while most of us focus on delivering precious content, I have come to a conclusion that only good research and quality writing aren’t sufficient. And even with major SEO as well as social media campaigns, content with a monotonous appearance won’t be successful in a longer run.

If it’s not a success, it’s definitely not an asset to the company.

Asset based Promotion:

I personally consider design as an indispensable constituent to the success of any Content-Marketing-Strategy. Also it is equally significant to your content itself.

You should be more concerned with the development of products for your clients which eventually turn into assets to their company’s websites, blogs, case studies, white papers as well as newsletters among others.

And nothing you script is graded as an asset unless it possesses ‘Curb-appeal’.

Collaborative Responsibility:

A critical portion of my analysis is the significance of collaborating with specialized designers during the groundwork of your Content-Marketing-Strategy. Of course, you can certainly craft something collectively utilizing wizards generated by whatever software you’re using.

However, it’s not the similar thing. Unique and creative content ought to have customized design. And both a talent as well as a discipline, designing task needs distinct training as well as skills.

To generate genuine assets, designing job requires being allotted equivalent concern in your long-term Content-Marketing-Strategy as well as the budget of your promotional effort.


Quality content will reign; however, it might take a long time. In order to maximize your Content-Marketing-Strategy’s success, you’re required to devote yourself in the specialized design task and build it as a collaborative effort.

By allotting content and design – equivalent concerns, you initiate to generate assets for your business, able to pace-up influence and eventually draw prospective clients into your sphere!

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