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GoPro CEO Nick Woodman Is Now The Highest-Paid CEO In The United States Of 2014

Nick Woodman, the billionaire founder and chief executive of the extreme sports camera-manufacturer GoPro, is now the highest paid Chief Executive Officer in America… at the tender age of 39!

Woodman, the son of an investment banker, unseated Cheniere Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Charif Souki, who was awarded compensation valued at $281 million.

The 39-year-old GoPro CEO, Nicholas “Nick” Woodman was awarded a package of 4.5 million restricted stock units that at the end of 2014 was valued at an eye-popping $284.5 million, according to Bloomberg.

That makes Nick Woodman the No. 1 American executive in the Bloomberg Pay Index, a daily ranking of the top 100 highest-paid executives based on their compensation.

Action camera specialist GoPro, which went public in June 2014, had raised about US$425 million from the offering and currently has a valuation of about US$6 billion.

Woodman had a net worth of $2.4 billion as of April 20, 2015, according to Forbes, and is ranked number 782 in the worldwide list of billionaires.

He ranks 276th among the richest Americans. Nick Woodman owns more than 40 percent of the San Mateo, California-based company GoPro’s shares.

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