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List of the 15 companies hiring the most tech talent right now 2015

Aerospace and defense giant Lockheed Martin ranked No. 1 on the list of the top 15 companies hiring the most tech talent right now, with 1,938 jobs that pay $60,000 per year or more.

The world’s largest online retailer Amazon currently has 1,905 job openings ranked No. 2 and Diverse Lynx, which has 1,617 currently posted job openings, ranked at No. 3. It couldn’t be a better time to be working in tech!

The companies that appear on this list had the most listings are primarily in the technology and financial services industries, paying  $60,000 per year or more on Indeed, employee search site.

If you are looking for a new tech job?

It helps to know which companies have lots of openings. The more employees they need, the better your chances to get the job.

With that in mind —- Which tech companies have the most positions open right now in the U.S.?

No. 1 Lockheed Martin
Current job openings ($60,000+) : 1,938


No. 2 Amazon Corporate
Current job openings ($60,000+): 1,905

No. 3 Diverse Lynx
Current job openings ($60,000+): 1,617

MQ-4C Triton, Northrop Grumman

No. 4 Northrop Grumman
Current job openings ($60,000+): 1,571


No. 5 IBM
Current job openings ($60,000+): 1,169

No. 6 General Dynamics IT
Current job openings ($60,000+): 1,154

No. 7 Oracle
Current job openings ($60,000+): 942

No. 8 JCPenney
Current job openings ($60,000+): 896

No. 9 Leidos
Current job openings ($60,000+): 895

No. 10 BNY Mellon
Current job openings ($60,000+): 869

No. 11 HP
Current job openings ($60,000+): 849

No. 12 Dell
Current job openings ($60,000+): 835

No. 13 Booz Allen Hamilton
Current job openings ($60,000+): 826

No. 14 Transmosis
Current job openings ($60,000+): 792

No. 15 Apple
Current job openings ($60,000+): 787

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