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DNA-based personality test. It cannot lie!

DNA, Environment, and Behavior
The mixture of nature and nurture forms who we have ultimately become

When people tell me that I am very social, she is quite innovative, he has low confidence, I always wonder how much objective they are. Is it really the case? Is it our personal or social subjective perception of ourselves?

One of the main reasons that we launched our startup Karmagenes is our internal curiosity to better know ourselves. At Karmagenes we have designed the first to our knowledge DNA-based personality test that links specific genetic regions with 14 major personality traits such as innovative, social, decisive and risk taker. Current theoretical self-assessment tests are quite good but are they telling the real truth about you?  Do you change your answers in the theoretical tests depending on your current mood, your last night’s fight with your partner or today’s bad news at work? DNA doesn’t lie!

DNA, Environment, and Behavior
The mixture of nature and nurture forms who we have ultimately become

We all were given a definite genetic background at birth but we have been then influenced by environmental factors such as our education, our family and our culture. At Karmagenes, we focus exclusively on the role of the DNA.  We understand the importance of the environment but we try to address the importance of our genetic background.  We want to help you better understand the real you. Don’t you want to know how your own genetic background, the one of your partner, your parents, your siblings, or your kids have played a role in your and their personality? Through Karmagenes test we can understand how significant the DNA is and how much our environment and upbringing have changed our personalities.

Personal examples are the best examples. I am very low social according to my Karmagenes genetic test results but everyone describes me nowadays as a very social person. DNA did say the truth because when I was born and raised in Greece I was quite shy. But living the last 11 years by myself in 3 different countries made me to be able to talk to anyone (a clear environmental effect).  On the other hand, I thought I was not a very confident person. My DNA says otherwise and that gives me more strength and confidence to launch and run a company.

Knowing better yourself will help you take better decisions either at a personal or professional level. You can even make better financial decisions. It is scientifically established the importance of your genetic background when it comes to financial decisions. Don’t you want to have more facts when you need to take important decisions? It can save you time, money and effort.

Finally, data privacy, reliability and confidentiality are big concerns when it comes to genetic testing. That’s why Karmagenes primary base is Switzerland. Karmagenes genetic test is not a health-related genetic test, it is a test that promotes the positive effects of DNA since many people have a negative view of genetic testing and overall genetics.

Want to know more and do the test for yourself? Visit and subscribe to the current limited offer. Be an innovative leader.

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Kyriakos Kokkoris
Karmagenes - Behavioral characteristics linked with DNA. Karmagenes genetic test involves examining specific regions of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) linked with behavioral characteristics in a innovative,social and scientific way. The aim of the Karmagenes genetic test, the DNA-based personality test is to let people know more about themselves, add value to self‐assessment tests and therefore it has the potential to better connect people.