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Top 10 Fabulous Beaches In South America That You Need To Go

Dolphins Bay, Praia de Pipa, Brazil

There are splendid shimmering beaches in almost every South American country, we’ve provided a look at the 10 best beaches that you need to go.

1. Baia do Sancho
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
“As you walk through a small trail, you can’t imagine what awaits you. The heavenly view seems like a mirage.”
Best time to go: Year-round

2. Cayo de Agua
Los Roques National Park, Venezuela
“An incredible beach of soft white sand surrounded on two sides by the Caribbean sparkling in all shades of blue.”
Best time to go: Year-round

3. Lopes Mendes Beach
Ilha Grande, Brazil
“Tough hike to the most beautiful beach in Brazil”
Best time to go: December – March

4. Praia dos Carneiros
Praia dos Carneiros, Brazil
“Lots to see and do”
Best time to go: Year-round

5. Forno Beach
Arraial do Cabo, Brazil
“The most beautiful beautiful beach I’ve ever seen”
Best time to go: April – November

6. Dolphins Bay
Praia de Pipa, Brazil
“Best beach in Pipa”
Best time to go: Year-round

7. Grumari Beach
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Lovely beach further away from Rio”
Best time to go: December – March

8. Gales
Maragogi, Brazil
“Wonderful, but not for small children”
Best time to go: Year-round

9. Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay
Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
“Pristine Beach Where Sky Reflects on Shallow Waters”
Best time to go: Year-round

10. Anakena Beach
Easter Island, Chile
“Beautiful and refreshing!”
Best time to go: Year-round

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