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List Of Top 17 Financial Problems Facing American Families

health care

Nearly a quarter of Americans called “health care costs” and “lack of money or low wages rank” the “most important financial problems” facing their families, according to a recent Gallup poll.

These concerns were followed by issues like “too much debt or not enough money to pay debts,” “college expenses,” “retirement savings” and “cost of owning/renting a home.”

Notably, Healthcare this year has returned to the top of the list for the first time since early 2010.

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health care

Here’s a look at the most pressing financial problems American families facing:

1. Health care costs – 14% of U.S. adults

2. Lack of money/low wages – 14% of U.S. adults

3. Too much debt/Not enough money to pay debts – 9% of U.S. adults

4. College expenses – 8% of U.S. adults

5. Retirement savings – 6% of U.S. adults

6. Cost of owning/renting a home – 6% of U.S. adults

7. High cost of living/Inflation – 6% of U.S. adults

8. Unemployment/Loss of job – 5% of U.S. adults

9. Taxes – 4% of U.S. adults

10. Lack of saving – 3% of U.S. adults

11. Energy costs/Oil and gas prices – 2% of U.S. adults

12. Social Security – 2% of U.S. adults

13. Stock market/Investments – 1% of U.S. adults

14. Transportation/Commuting costs – 1% of U.S. adults

15. Interest rates – 1% of U.S. adults

16. State of the economy – 1% of U.S. adults

17. Controlling spending – 1% of U.S. adults

18. Other – 2% of U.S. adults

19. None – 17% of U.S. adults

20. No opinion – 8% of U.S. adults

The poll was conducted Jan. 5-8, 2015 with a sample of 804 voting age adults in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, DC.

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