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Guess who made Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 best travel destinations in the United States?

New York

The world’s leading travel media company, Lonely Planet came out with its annual list of top 10 places in the United States to visit in 2015.

Next stop….. Queens, with 2.3 million residents,  – the king of US travel destinations!

One of the world’s most diverse county, Queens, N.Y., was selected as the best tourism destination in the United States for 2015, followed by western South Dakota; New Orleans, LA.

“Queens is finally emerging from the shadows of Manhattan to take its place as one of New York’s most fascinating boroughs,” the guidebook’s writers said.

Now it’s … the best tourist destination in the United States?

Colorado River Region, CO came in 4th on Lonely Planet’s list, followed by North Conway, N.H.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Greenville; Oakland, Calif.; Duluth, Minn.; and Mount Shasta, Calif..

Each year travelers await this important list to plan their bucket list vacations.

Lonely Planet US-based editors hope the list will encourage people to explore. “There are lots of great things happening all over the country, and you should really come out and see it for yourself,” Regis St. Louis, author of Lonely Planet’s USA guide and contributor to the “Best in the U.S.” list said.

List of 10 best US cities for 2015:

10. Mount Shasta region, CA

9. Duluth, MN

8. Oakland, CA

7. Greenville, SC

6. Indianapolis, IN

5. North Conway, NH

4. Colorado River Region, CO

3. New Orleans, LA

2. Western South Dakota

1. Queens, NY

Be sure to share your up-and-coming or overlooked destinations in the comments field.

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