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Top 50 richest people in Indonesia 2014

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With a net worth of US$16.5 billion, banking tycoons Robert Budi Hartono and Michael Hartono, who own Bank Central Asia and the Djarum Group, are the richest Indonesians, according to the latest Forbes Indonesia rich list for 2014.

Tobacco tycoon Susilo Wonowidjojo climbed to the No 2 spot from No 4 last year, Conglomerate chief Anthoni Salim, who runs Salim Group, remains at No 3.

Blue Bird taxi

Making an appearance in the list for the first time in the top 50 is:

  1. Purnomo Prawiro of the Blue Bird group, who’s at number 25 with $1.3 billion.
  2. Husodo Angkosubroto of conglomerate Gunung Sewu Group, who’s at number23 with $1.45 billion.
  3. Timber baron Abdul Rasyid, who’s at number 41 with $805 million.
  4. Herbal medicine entrepreneur, Irwan Hidayat, who’s at number 44 with $660 million.

Indonesia’s youngest billionaire is 38-year-old Ciliandra Fangiono, who’s number 22 on the list with $1.5 billion.

Indonesia’s richest woman billionaire is 84-year-old Kartini Muljadi, who’s number 29 on the list with $1.1 billion.

As of December 2014, collectively, Indonesa’s 50 richest are worth $102 billion, up from $95 billion last year.

Top 50 richest people in Indonesia 2014 Are:

1) Budi & Michael Hartono; US$16.5 billion

2) Susilo Wonowidjojo; US$8 billion

3) Anthoni Salim; US$5.9 billion

4) Eka Tjipta Widjaja; US$5.8 billion

5) Sri Prakash Lohia; US$4.4 billion

6) Chairul Tanjung; US$4.3 billion

7) Boenjamin Setiawan; US$3.5 billion

8) Mochtar Riady; US$2.7 billion

9) Peter Sondakh; US$2.3 billion

10) Sukanto Tanoto; US$2.11 billion

11) Tahir; US$2.1 billion

12) Bachtiar Karim; US$2 billion

13) Putera Sampoerna & family; US$1.9 billion

14) Theodore Rachmat; US$1.9 billion

15) Murdaya Poo; US$1.7 billion

16) Kusnan & Rusdi Kirana; US$1.7 billion

17) Eka Tjandranegara; US$1.7 billion

18) Martua Sitorus; US$1.7 billion

19) Eddy Katuari & family; US$1.7 billion

20) Kuncoro Wibowo & family; US$1.6 billion

21) Ciputra & family ; US$1.5 billion

22) Ciliandra Fangiono & family; US$1.5 billion

23) Husodo Angkosubroto & family; US$1.5 billion

24) Hary Tanoesoedibjo; US$1.4 billion

25) Purnomo Prawiro; US$1.3 billion

26) Edwin Soeryadjaya; US$1.3 billion

27) Djoko Susanto; US$1.3 billion

28) Achmad Hamami & family; US$1.2 billion

29) Kartini Muljadi & family; US$1.1 billion

30) Low Tuck Kwong; US$1.1 billion

Forbes list of 50 richest Indonesians 2014
Forbes list of 50 richest Indonesians for 2014

31) Husain Djojonegoro & family; US$1 billion

32) Benny Subianto; US$1 billion

33) Harjo Sutanto; US$950 million

34) Alexander Tedja; US$935 million

35) Soegiarto Adikoesoemo; US$930 million

36) Aksa Mahmud; US$860 million

37) Garibaldi Thohir; US$855 million

38) Sjamsul Nursalim; US$830 million

39) Hashim Djojohadikusumo; US$825 million

40) Eddy Kusnadi Sariaatmadja; US$820 million

41) Rasyid Abdul; US$805 million

42) Lim Hariyanto Wijaya Sarwono; US$$800 million

43) Arifin Panigoro; US$680 million

44) Irwan Hidayat; US$660 million

45) Sudhamek; US$655 million

46) The Ning King ; US$650 million

47) Jogi Hendra Atmadja; US$630 M

48) Prajogo Pangestu; US$570 million

49) Santosa Handojo; US$555 million

50) Trihatma Haliman; US$500 million


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